New feature: team chat with 2team

To boost camaraderie and competition in team races, team members can now have team-only chats in the race’s message board.

A racer just types 2team to start a team chat. Teammates get an email with the message and a link to use to reply. Replies don’t require 2team and don’t trigger emails. (2team automatically translates into the team’s name, as you can see below.)

2team is built for virtual races that aren’t full of colleagues or friend groups, races that include friends of friends and even random joiners. In races for companies or smaller nonprofits where teammates already know each other, Facebook, WhatsApp, or Slack are obviously good communication options too, assuming racers can find one platform the entire team uses.

A racer can delete her/his message using the gear to its right. Admins can see all messages and, if necessary, can make deletions too.

Let the dreaming, scheming and cheering begin!

(Racers can still publicly message each other in the message board using their nicknames.)

2team = collaboration + fun + race sharing on social media!