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    • Keefa Feb 4, 2018
      3.1 miles
      The Super 5K road race Lowell, MA.
       Back after 21 days.
      A super race before the Super Bowl. @Keefa
      @4000footer if only the game was super. Well on to more running
      Yes @Keefa Game was painful, but at some point, the luck runs out. On the other hand, how many fans in the US can say they got to watch their home team in an exciting final game? Win or lose, we got to look forward to the last game of the year when most fans were tuned out. #hipster
    • Mamaof7Dogs Jan 2, 2018
      2.0 miles
      Treadmill miles for the #lumberjacks
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    This race ended 07/19/18 - check out the final activity here.

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    • AOMM July 23, 2018
      @AOMM test
    • AOMM July 22, 2018
      Hey @Joelle - if you're still streaking, turns out your streak carries over to the new race. Just learned that from Shellperry's experience in Acadia to Katahdin. Here's to a continued streak:
    • AOMM July 22, 2018
      Ready, set, go! Join in on the new Acadia to Katahdin Virtual Race:
    • AOMM July 19, 2018
      Here's the blog post announcing the start of registration for the new race, that begins July 20:
      1 - registration open now! @erik04444 @mdijim @RangerMo @Jkr @Nikkibunns @Mikaela @4000footer @Trvlngrl @JuliaG @SouleMarks @IheartMaine @WolfPond @Christa @Sommerfeld @Judylackey @mak321 @Hikingteacher @MamaSue @Kimba @bgizzi @BigRed68 @Muddah @Tarzy206 @MichelleS @MelK @Bradcrazy @jennsjourney @Mikk @Joelle @BarHarborBirdie @ShelS @Angelion @LivHough @Stephani @JessicaJ @JillMarie63 @M.Cash @Katahdia @Fossil @LPas @NancyBurns @Billie @drcat @KimberlyJean @hgowen64 @MickCz @TomZot @Robrn2000 @Magrat @Grin @3rdxlucky @gemerson67 @TheRog @Pattie @Shellperry @abby11 @Blustarzsk @JoStiles @runs4beer2 @DesertRat @KDDID @HikingWithPups @robert11 @TD17 @CindyLouWho @Rocknrunner @AbbyW @OnYourLeft2 @scottgif @eejackso @Hollywood1 @HikeEatNap @sk8skiier @AmyGallant @BioSue @Mermaid49 @CToth @JToth @N0RUN @Pinky @MaineHeart @FL2ME @Dsumner35 @Nighthawk @Honeybee @Shay_04 @ILuvMaine @RunFastDontFall @Lishie @Prill207 @MimM @Keefa @Elle @goosecove75 @DreadedRunner @ClaireB @Jocelyn @sndgls @griffinsm15 @Ghost @PondDweller @mustang @GuidoX @Allan @JenFR @shepjr @Tootsiepopp27 @Coastwalker @SerenaSpeedi @Mermazing @EclecticKim @Dear @KDW @KPS @Sprinkles @KatahdinLibrLVR @CathyMc @Bruczilla @NorahP @Woodswoman @bootabs @acadiapark @Lamont @Dbawn @BenTreat @Wynnter @Andrea820 @RosaPup @mrsvasquez627 @Em85 @Resaw @EAZ @KMont @DSea @OhioAcadia @Mamaof7Dogs @JohnT @MainegirlinAZ @Coachmags @Digger @MaineMoxie @Hdreiske @Nonicknamepleas @JBruns4ME @acressey @Pecatonicagirl @SlowCrawl @GO4Acadia @LibertyPenguin @KDawg @slowbutsure @AlexKramer @Seanna @Bushy @AOMM
    • AOMM July 18, 2018
      Don't know how @LibertyPenguin found the link to the new Acadia to Katahdin Virtual Race, but he's already in! Here's the link for registration, which you can do now, even though new race doesn't begin until Friday, after this one ends: Will also be writing up a blog post about this newest race and sharing it here and on Facebook. Thanks for those who've participated in this virtual race, and hope to see you in the next one!
      searched the Racery homepage!
    • AOMM July 18, 2018
      Reminder to everyone that tomorrw, 7/19, at 11:59 p.m. EST, is the last time to enter miles. You can backdate to Aug. 15, 2017, and best to enter each day's mileage one by one if you want to see your avatar move along the map, and get a Google photo for each stopping point. Putting finishing touches on the new race that begins 7/20, and will be sharing info here and elsewhere soon. Thanks for being part of this community!
      oops, pardon typo - tomorrow!!
    • AOMM July 15, 2018
      One virtual race ends, and another begins the next day…. Thanks to everyone who’s been part of the Cadillac to Katahdin Virtual Run, which is officially coming to a close on Thursday, July 19, 2018, at 11:59 p.m., after multiple extensions. You’ve helped raise $800 for Acadia and Katahdin-area charities, earned a special medal or two along the way, and contributed to a wonderful sense of community, both real and virtual. You have until 11:59 p.m. this Thursday to enter additional miles in this race, and you can backdate them to Aug. 15, 2017. While you won’t be able to log more miles in Cadillac to Katahdin beyond that time, your previously logged and new miles continue to accumulate in your Racery exercise diary, which you can access at (substitute your own nickname for AOMM in the url). The new race, called the Acadia to Katahdin Virtual Race, is again being co-sponsored with Mount Desert Island Marathon & Half and Millinocket Marathon & Half, as the virtual edition of the Maine Sea to Summit Series. It begins on July 20, 2018, which happens to be the same day that the Down East Sunrise Trail Relay begins, and ends at 11:59 p.m. on Dec. 8, the day of the real-life Millinocket Marathon & Half. There’s a new virtual route, which includes part of the Down East Sunrise Trail, the East Coast Greenway, the 26 peaks of Acadia and some special surprises along the way. The new medal, also in the shape of the state of Maine, will feature a raised Bubbles and Katahdin, and a red satin ribbon. It’s made by Ashworth Awards, the same company that makes the MDI and Boston Marathon finisher’s medals. Registration hasn’t yet begun for the Acadia to Katahdin race, but once it’s open, we will share a link here, in the next blog post, and on Facebook. Participants in any of the real-life 2018 MDI or Millinocket races will get a discounted registration. At least 5% of gross revenues go to benefit the nonprofit Friends of Acadia, Our Katahdin and Millinocket Memorial Library. With the new race, everything is set to zero, whether it’s mileage or streaks. So that means you can set new PRs, get a new 1000-mile decal for logging that many miles between July 20 and Dec. 8, or start a new streak of up to 142 days of exercise (that’s how many days between July 20 and Dec. 8). Whether you’re in training for the real-life 2018 MDI or Millinocket races, hiking Acadia’s 26 peaks this season, or have some other personal health and fitness goal, we hope to see you on the new virtual race route, Acadia to Katahdin! @erik04444 @mdijim @RangerMo @Jkr @Nikkibunns @Mikaela @4000footer @Trvlngrl @JuliaG @SouleMarks @IheartMaine @WolfPond @Christa @Sommerfeld @Judylackey @mak321 @Hikingteacher @MamaSue @Kimba @bgizzi @BigRed68 @Muddah @Tarzy206 @MichelleS @MelK @Bradcrazy @jennsjourney @Mikk @Joelle @BarHarborBirdie @ShelS @Angelion @LivHough @Stephani @JessicaJ @JillMarie63 @M.Cash @Katahdia @Fossil @LPas @NancyBurns @Billie @drcat @KimberlyJean @hgowen64 @MickCz @TomZot @Robrn2000 @Magrat @Grin @3rdxlucky @gemerson67 @TheRog @Pattie @Shellperry @abby11 @Blustarzsk @JoStiles @runs4beer2 @DesertRat @KDDID @HikingWithPups @robert11 @TD17 @CindyLouWho @Rocknrunner @AbbyW @OnYourLeft2 @scottgif @eejackso @Hollywood1 @HikeEatNap @sk8skiier @AmyGallant @BioSue @Mermaid49 @CToth @JToth @N0RUN @Pinky @MaineHeart @FL2ME @Dsumner35 @Nighthawk @Honeybee @Shay_04 @ILuvMaine @RunFastDontFall @Lishie @Prill207 @MimM @Keefa @Elle @goosecove75 @DreadedRunner @ClaireB @Jocelyn @sndgls @griffinsm15 @Ghost @PondDweller @mustang @GuidoX @Allan @JenFR @shepjr @Tootsiepopp27 @Coastwalker @SerenaSpeedi @Mermazing @EclecticKim @Dear @KDW @KPS @Sprinkles @KatahdinLibrLVR @CathyMc @Bruczilla @NorahP @Woodswoman @bootabs @acadiapark @Lamont @Dbawn @BenTreat @Wynnter @Andrea820 @RosaPup @mrsvasquez627 @Em85 @Resaw @EAZ @KMont @DSea @OhioAcadia @Mamaof7Dogs @JohnT @MainegirlinAZ @Coachmags @Digger @MaineMoxie @Hdreiske @Nonicknamepleas @JBruns4ME @acressey @Pecatonicagirl @SlowCrawl @GO4Acadia @LibertyPenguin @KDawg @slowbutsure @AlexKramer @Seanna @Bushy @AOMM
      Wonderful! I can’t wait for the new adventure.
      Thank you for hosting this awesome community - this has been so much fun!
      It has surely been a blessing in my life! Thanks @AOMM and All...
      This has been a great trek and I feel connected to all the participants however far we are. Looking forward to a fresh start and new path.
    • AOMM July 15, 2018
      @AOMM testing
    • AOMM July 8, 2018
      Thanks to @jennsjourney for sharing her story for our latest blog post about the virtual race. Also included is a roundup of #lumberjack vs. #hipster, who's in the top 10 for mileage, and other updates. Also included in the post: @Keefa @FL2ME @LibertyPenguin @Joelle @Lishie @KDW @Grin @slowbutsure @Coastwalker @Bradcrazy @DreadedRunner @JohnT @scottgif @Christa @TomZot and @JillMarie63 Here's the blog post, which also previews the new race that will be starting soon:
    • TomZot July 8, 2018
      Anyone here running the Downeast Sunrise Trail Relay?
      Am including part of the sunrise trail on the new virtual race, which we hope to launch by the time that starts on July 20. Will keep you posted!
    • AOMM July 5, 2018
      Thanks to @Lishie for keeping us on our toes - yes, this is extended through at least July 16. Thanks for your patience as I get the new race together!
    • AOMM June 29, 2018
      All right everyone, this race has been extended until at least July 16, as I finish putting together the new route for the next race. Stay tuned!
    • AOMM June 7, 2018
      Congratulations to @Bradcrazy and @DreadedRunner for their top 5 finishes in the Acadia Half Marathon, and to @Christa for volunteering! Read all about it here: (Pardon if I missed any other virtual racer who ran or volunteered in the race.
      I think @Muddah ran it too - CAW!
    • TomZot June 7, 2018
      My team for the Downeast Sunrise Trail Relay is looking for more members. Team is various ages and abilities. Just looking for a fun time, not really competitive. July 20-21. If you are interested let me know.
      Can I share this on the Facebook group page?
      @AOMM Sure.
      Such a fun race! See you out there!
    • AOMM May 10, 2018
      Just featured @Katahdia in the Facebook group page. Congratulations on the finish, and virtually summiting Katahdin!
    • Grin May 9, 2018
      I no longer receive emails from racery each night??
      Hmm, @Grin - is there a change in your email spam filter? If you use gmail, go to the "All mail" tab in the left hand menu, and use the dropdown to show all labels. Click on that to see if you see racery e-mails in there. If that doesn't work or you use a different e-mail than gmail, I can e-mail racery to have it looked at. You have a choice of which e-mails you get: By default, everyone gets e-mails for Likes, but you can opt out of those e-mails and only get the ones where you are tagged in a comment. You can make those changes at the bottom of the next e-mail you get. Maybe by my tagging you here, you'll get this in an e-mail?
      @AOMM I get all emails from them except the one around 5pm each day asking you to post that day's I just go in through another email from them.
      Good, sounds like you're able to access. Funny thing, I don't think I ever got the emails every night reminding me to post activity. Maybe that went to spam?
    • AOMM May 2, 2018
      Just featured @Grin on the Facebook group page - congratulations again!
      Thought I would get a pic with Katahdin today but no...maybe another day...
    • slowbutsure Apr 23, 2018
      Congratulations @AOMM “Hiking Acadia National Park” received top honors in the Independent Publisher Book Awards travel guide category
      Thank you!
    • AOMM Apr 21, 2018
      The first round of medals is in the mail, as announced on the Facebook group page: The announcement lists who's getting the medals, and rounds up the achievements of Boston marathoners who are also virtual racers, as well as those of all of us collectively. Believe it or not, we as a group have logged more than 50,000 miles since Aug. 15. Anyone in the race who wants to add on a buffalo-plaid beribboned medal, not too late to do so. Will be posting some more about this race as we race to the finish on June 30.
      I just got mine! It's really nice :-)
      @FL2ME - wear it with pride and in good health!
    • AOMM Apr 20, 2018
      Sorry I've been missing in action the last week or so, everyone, as I got through tax deadline(s) in the business I'm in. Will be catching up with messages, social media posts and mailing of medals. And Yahoo! to @Bradcrazy @DreadedRunner and @RosaPup for the amazing real-life Boston Marathon race they ran, in difficult conditions. And a shout-out to volunteers and spectators at the marathon from this virtual race, @Lishie @Coastwalker @TomZot - and pardon me if I'm missing anyone. And by the way - if you look at the "About + Join" tab, you will see that cumulatively, we virtual racers have logged more than 50,000 miles since mid-August. Yowza!
    • TomZot Apr 18, 2018
      Apologies if this has already been asked...any thought on starting a Strava club?
      Sorry I've been out of the loop, and stopped logging miles, with the tax deadline(s) - starting to catch up with messages, social media posts and mailing of medals (going out this weekend, everyone!). Don't know much about Strava, but have enjoyed the routes you've shared, @TomZot . If you start a club up, would be happy to share info about it.
      @AOMM I started it. I marked it as "invite only" to keep spam, etc. to a minimum. It's not to be exclusive...if that turns out to be a problem we can open it up. If people search for it in Strava clubs they should find it. It's called "Cadillac to Katahdin: Maine Sea to Summit." as far as I know, folks just need to look for it and we can add them.
      @AOMM On second thought I opened it up. Anyone who searches for it should find it.
      Nice to see 3 already in it!
      Just created a Strava account and joined the club, but not sure how active will be on that platform, as there are so many channels, so little time. But will be fun to keep track of others in the club. One of these days, we will all have to meet - either at MDI or Millinocket? Thanks for expanding the reach of Cadillac to Katahdin @TomZot !
    • AOMM Apr 11, 2018
      OK, everyone, as April 10 marked the original "end" of this phase of the race, will be sending out the buffalo plaid beribboned medals (and also Acadia Centnennial Medallions for those who ordered them) this week. I've already tagged everyone I have on the list as having ordered the buffalo plaid beribboned medals, and if you still want in, just tag me in the message board and I can privately let you know the details. Here's who I had on my list as having ordered: @Mamaof7Dogs @Joelle @Keefa @JillMarie63 @KDW @EclecticKim @Shellperry @FL2ME @Lishie @Coastwalker @Pecatonicagirl @SlowCrawl @bgizzi @Grin @GO4Acadia @RangerMo @LibertyPenguin @KDawg If I'm missing anyone, let me know. This race keeps running until June 30. Then a new race, medal and fundraising will be announced for July 1 start. Thanks for being part of the fun everyone!!
      Thank YOU!
    • AOMM Apr 9, 2018
      Just pinned this post to the top of the Facebook group page, for those who are looking to meet up during Marathon weekend in Boston:
    • AOMM Apr 9, 2018
      @TomZot @Bradcrazy @DreadedRunner @Lishie @LibertyPenguin @Coastwalker and any other Crow or virtual runner going to be in Boston for marathon weekend: Will post something on the Facebook group page and pin it to the top, to see if anyone wants to try to meet up. We won't be there ourselves :( - but at least we can try to help arrange a meet-up, virtually! Will put up a couple of ideas late today, on this page:
      I should know by tomorrow evening if I'm going on Monday.
    • mdijim Apr 8, 2018
      @aomm no I did not see the boulder. It is amazing. Hope they leave it there.
    • AOMM Apr 8, 2018
      Just featured @mak321 in the Facebook group page - congratulations on finishing 400 miles!
    • AOMM Apr 4, 2018
      Just put this message up, along with couple of better photos, on the Facebook group page: Couple of better photos for printout, for anyone who wants to self-identify as #hipster or #lumberjack, to find a fellow virtual racer at a real-life race. Print out the version that suits you, put your Racery name next to the @ symbol, and pin it to your race jersey, front or back (or front and back, if you like). Alternatively: You see anyone wearing Crow Athletics gear at the next race, you sidle up to them and say: #hipster or #lumberjack? If they answer one way or the other, you've found a fellow Cadillac to Katahdin Virtual Runner! If they say "Huh?" you either enlighten them, or run the other way. Sparked by knowing that @LibertyPenguin and @KDW, who've never met in real life, are both training for the Maine Coast Half Marathon, and may find themselves using one of the above self-identifying methods. And if anyone is running at Bridge the Gap, @KDW will be there. Anyone virtual runner who meets another, take a selfie and share!
    • AOMM Apr 1, 2018
      OK, virtual racers. You know you don't want to cross paths with a virtual racer at a real-life race, and not know it. The solution? Pin something to your race jersey to self-identify as a participant in the Cadillac to Katahdin Virtual Run, then take a selfie of the 2 of you and put it up on the virtual race log! Inspired by @LibertyPenguin and @KDW who are both in training for the Maine Half Marathon, and have never met in real life. See the 2 versions of the postcards - one for #hipster and one for #lumberjack - that you can print out off of the Facebook group page:
      Great idea! Anyone running Bridge the Gap next weekend? Going to print out and be sporting #lumberjack
      I'll be wearing a Porcupine Athletic Club shirt with the name "The Wombat" on the back.
      @LibertyPenguin I'll be wearing a Crow Athletics yellow shirt!
      I just ordered a blue plaid Crow beanie! Hoping it arrives before the race (don't know why it won't)
      Great idea - see anyone with Crow gear at a race, ask them if they're #lumberjack or #hipster - that's the secret code for finding another virtual runner!
      Fixing name of real-life race above, thanks to @Lishie for bringing typo to my attention: Maine Coast Half Marathon.
    • AOMM Apr 1, 2018
      Just featured @RangerMo in a "Where in Acadia?" post on the Facebook group page: Congratulations on completing the 2nd circuit!
    • AOMM Mar 29, 2018
      Just featured @Trvlngrl in the Facebook group page, to mark her completion of the 2nd circuit of the virtual race. Congratulations!
    • AOMM Mar 25, 2018
      Just featured the virtual meeting of @GO4Acadia and @KDawg on top of Katahdin, in the Facebook group page. Congratulations on the finish!
    • AOMM Mar 23, 2018
      Only 100 more days until the end of this virtual race on June 30. Make the most of it. Start a streak of 100 days of logging your miles! Just featured the Google photo that just popped up for @Coastwalker this morning, the first day of the next 100:
    • AOMM Mar 20, 2018
      Just featured @Coastwalker in the Facebook group page: Congratulations on just completing the 5th circuit of the 200-mile virtual route! Proud to be a fellow #hipster with @Coastwalker
    • AOMM Mar 17, 2018
      Just featured @MaineMoxie in the latest Facebook group page, as she's heading to try snowshoeing for the first time on MDI:
    • AOMM Mar 14, 2018
      Just featured a Google photo from @JohnT 's journey, for "Where in Millinocket?" in the Facebook group page: @mak321 you should know the answer!
    • AOMM Mar 13, 2018
      Just featured @mdijim in a no-snow "Where on MDI?" post, based on a Google photo that recently popped up on his virtual route. See it in the Facebook group page:
    • AOMM Mar 12, 2018
      Just featured a "Where in Acadia?" based on @FL2ME recent Google photo, see Facebook group page:
    • AOMM Mar 11, 2018
      Just featured @Pecatonicagirl in the Facebook group page, because the Google photo for her latest entry is so neat:
    • AOMM Mar 10, 2018
      Two people with connections to this virtual race are in a treadmill dancing contest to help raise money to send Down East kids to summer camp. See the videos, cast your vote by March 15. And watch @Bradcrazy do a crazy move on the treadmill, in the latest post on the Facebook group page:
    • MoGo4Acadia Mar 8, 2018
      Is there a mileage equation for shoveling?? Still digging out on MDI.
      30 minutes equals 1 mile
      How much snow on MDI?
    • AOMM Mar 6, 2018
      Congratulations to @Pecatonicagirl for recently finishing the 200-mile route. Just featured her in the latest Facebook group post:
    • AOMM Mar 4, 2018
      At the suggestion of @FL2ME here are links where you can donate directly to the charities that are benefitting from a percentage of this virtual race's registration fees: Through March 9 to help the Friends of Acadia get a $15,000 match, And to help Our Katahdin: And to help Millinocket Memorial Library: http://millinocketmemoriall...
    • AOMM Mar 4, 2018
      The weird photo of the day honors goes to... @Mamaof7Dogs - not quite the Oscars, but hey, this is a virtual race! See the write-up, and the winning photo, in the latest Facebook group page post:
    • AOMM Mar 3, 2018
      Hey everyone, while the race is extended until June 30, some of you may be curious to know whether you will have made 200 miles in the first 100 days of 2018. In order to calculate that, all you have to do is see what your current ending mileage is - click on the red balloon icon in the upper right hand corner of your latest entry - and then subtract what your ending mileage was on the last entry you made in 2017, to see how far you've gone. April 10 marks the 100th day of 2018, or 38 days from today.
    • FL2ME Mar 3, 2018
      @AOMM -I still can't find the link but I am in and definitely want to donate!
      Wonder if I have the e-mail wrong? You can e-mail me at, and I can forward it along.
      Or might the e-mail be going to spam? Think it gets generated from Paypal. Can e-mail it directly, just let me know where to send it.
    • AOMM Mar 3, 2018
      Hey everyone, but especially @Keefa - this race has been extended to June 30! Read about this latest extension, and a new way to raise additional funds for Friends of Acadia, in this blog post: (also put this on the Facebook group page at
      Thank you!
      I just saw this! So the finish line is not April 10??
      @RangerMo - Racery just extended it to June 30, so more time to log miles!
      awright awright awright
    • AOMM Mar 2, 2018
      Just featured @MDI-Marathon - aka Gary Allen - in this latest Facebook group post, with a shout out to @Joelle : Great to see virtual race helping to raise funds for Down East Family YMCA as well. @Bradcrazy - you have some competition in the treadmill dancing event!
    • AOMM Mar 1, 2018
      Just posted on the Facebook group page a little write-up about @FL2ME - thanks for coining the word e-camaraderie in describing this virtual race!
    • AOMM Feb 28, 2018
      Vote for @Bradcrazy style as he does the treadmill dance to help raise funds for Down East Family YMCA. See details in the Facebook group post:
      Now that's multitasking - his 0.3 treadmill miles to the tune of Gangnam style also show up here on the virtual race. Because he did his flip late in the treadmill dance, he gets extra points, just like the ice skaters got bonus at the Winter Olympics for doing jumps late in their event.
    • AOMM Feb 27, 2018
    • AOMM Feb 25, 2018
      Including today, 45 more days to the end of this virtual race, and I have about 91 more miles to go to complete 200 miles between Jan. 1 and April 10. If you've been in this race since last year, the quick way to figure out how many miles you've done in 2018, is to subtract what your cumulative mileage in this race was as of the last 2017 entry, from your latest cumulative mileage. You can see the cumulative mileage by clicking on the red balloon-shaped map icon to pop up the picture with cumulative miles as of that day's entry.
    • AOMM Feb 23, 2018
      Congratulations to @Joelle for completing the 200-mile route, and for keeping that streak going! Just put up a post on the Facebook group post about the accomplishment:
    • AOMM Feb 22, 2018
      Just featured photo from @FL2ME in latest post on Facebook group page about the virtual race:
    • AOMM Feb 21, 2018
      Guess where in Millinocket @Pecatonicagirl ended up at the end of yesterday's mileage, as she's ripping it? See the latest Facebook group post to find out:
    • AOMM Feb 19, 2018
      Just added a post to the Facebook group page, featuring photos from @TomZot and @Lishie marking today as Day #50 of the 2018 Cadillac to Katahdin Virtual Run. Half way to the end on April 10. How many miles have you done since January 1?
    • AOMM Feb 19, 2018
      Hey everyone, just realized today is 50th day of 2018, making this halfway to April 10, the end of this virtual race. Will have to post something special on the Facebook group page to mark the occasion. Will share link when it's up. Go #lumberjack and #hipster
    • AOMM Feb 17, 2018
      Meet you at Joey's Place - where @Hikingteacher just landed, a perfect place to start school vacation week, and watch the virtual Winter Olympics! See the latest Facebook group page post about this:
    • AOMM Feb 12, 2018
      Congratulations to @Joelle for #goingforthegold - see the Down East Magazine article we just shared on the Facebook group page:
    • AOMM Feb 11, 2018
      Just featured @Mamaof7Dogs #goingforthegold in the latest Facebook group post:
    • AOMM Feb 10, 2018
      Thanks to @TomZot for the Winter Duathlon idea, featured in the latest Facebook group post: About to cross-country ski and either snowshoe or run afterward, as today's back-to-back duathlon event. What's your 2 sports of choice?
    • AOMM Feb 9, 2018
      Just posted a new blog post about this race being a virtual Winter Olympics of sorts, in the Facebook group page: Among the racers featured in the blog post: @TomZot @Coastwalker @sndgls @mdijim @Mamaof7Dogs @Lishie @Bradcrazy @MaineMoxie @GO4Acadia and @RangerMo
    • AOMM Jan 27, 2018
      Bright idea? Shall we have a competition within a competition? Winter Olympics about to start up, so will try to come up with something fun and announce the rules here and on Facebook. Once I hear back from @TomZot on how his Winter Duathlon works, can try to incorporate some of his ideas in the Virtual Winter Olympics!
    • Lishie Jan 26, 2018
      Got bored at work so everyone who logged miles in January just got a bunch of hearts xD Maybe it'll remind @Bradcrazy to come back and log! I know he's still running!
    • AOMM Jan 18, 2018
      Did you know that the virtual race route goes by a location featured in a Stephen King movie? See latest Facebook group post about it:
    • AOMM Jan 15, 2018
      Just featured @LibertyPenguin in the latest Facebook group post about the virtual race:
    • AOMM Jan 15, 2018
      Hey everyone, just noticed racery is now assigning a hashtag and number based on where you finished or your current standings in the first round - #77 runner in my case - and current standings if you're onto the second lap - #47 ultramarathoner as of this writing, in my case. Kind of fun to feel like an ultramarathoner, even if only in virtual reality!
      What are the little award ribbons following some of the placements?
      @bgizzi - think they award those ribbons for doing a streak, based on monthly stats, and updated regularly.
      There's also a different colored ribbon for longest run, per month, updated regularly.
    • Coastwalker Jan 11, 2018
      Hi. Why aren't Hipster miles adding up, and why aren't Hipster members so noted when they post new mileage? I see some people labeled at #Lumberjacks, but none as Hipsters.
      Here's where you can see all of team #hipster together: The cumulative miles are since the race began on Aug. 15, but I'll be looking only at Jan. 1 - April 10 miles to judge which team wins. And if anyone is logging their miles, they can also add the hashtag #hipster during the entry, which allows that to be a filter to see who's doing what as part of that team.
    • AOMM Jan 10, 2018
      Looks like miles are logging again. See note from Lesley of Racery in the below message post.
    • MoGo4Acadia Jan 9, 2018
      Anybody else having difficulty logging on and submitting miles today? We haven't seen anyone else's activity since yesterday. Not sure if on our end or
      Just tried to log and got a message stating it was taking longer than usual, and to wait, it would be processed. But, then it cleared, without posting.
      I had the same experience as KD.
      Me too.
      Hmmm, will e-mail racery about the glitch. Thanks for the head's up, everyone!
      Hey everyone! We are currently experiencing issues logging miles within the app. Our IT team is working on a solution! I will update here when all is resolved. :) You may also log miles via desktop in the meantime. -- Lesley
      @RaceryLesley - Thanks Lesley! That explains why some racer's miles were logging, and others weren't. Looks like things working now. Thanks again!
    • AOMM Jan 6, 2018
      Just put up some stats comparing team #lumberjack to #hipster on the Facebook group page:
      I just added myself to #lumberjack !
      @LibertyPenguin - welcome to team #lumberjack !
    • AOMM Jan 6, 2018
      @Hikingteacher - think you said you count yourself a #lumberjack ? Go to your virtual race bio, and edit the field that says Groups, by adding #lumberjack - then hit SAVE. Medal with buffalo plaid ribbon is optional, but if you want it, can email you. Happy hiking - snowshoveling - hallwalking - whatevering!
    • Grin Jan 4, 2018
      @AOMM Count me in for the buffalo plaid ribbon to go with my #hipster hairdo!
      Will email you! @RangerMo and a special friend is about to join us, but not sure which team they will be on.
      Pardon grammatical error - should be "are about to join"!
    • AOMM Jan 4, 2018
      Just sent email about the $15 medal with buffalo plaid ribbon to the following: @Mamaof7Dogs @Joelle @Keefa @JillMarie63 @KDW @EclecticKim @Shellperry @FL2ME @Lishie @Coastwalker - if I'm missing anyone, or if you didn't get the email, feel free to tag me, and I can follow up.
      Also just sent email about medal to @bgizzi
      Thank you! Paid and looking forward to my plaid ribbon to add to my collection :)
    • Mamaof7Dogs Jan 3, 2018
      @AOMM I didn’t get the email about signing up for the buffalo plaid ribbon race too (because I’m a sucker for plaid plus I love this medal!), can you please email me again with the details of how to sign up for the $15 ongoing-race edition? Thanks!
      Doing emails this morning!
      You're officially in the ongoing race, and just emailed details about the medal with buffalo plaid ribbon.
    • AOMM Jan 3, 2018
      See the nice note from Millinocket Memorial Library about the funds this virtual race helped raise, which we just shared on the Facebook group page:
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    • From: Cadillac Mountain
    • To: Mount Katahdin
    • Start date: August 15, 2017
    • End date: July 19, 2018
    • 0:00 EST
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    • Route distance: 199.8 miles
    • Total logged: 61,923.1 miles
    Help raise funds for Acadia National Park and Millinocket, the gateway to Baxter State Park, by participating in the virtual edition of the first-ever Maine Sea to Summit series. Earn a medal (or two) at the same time!

    Check out the Race Medals!


    Start on top of Cadillac in Acadia, the highest point on the US Atlantic coast, and the first place in the US to see the sunrise between October 7 and March 6.

    Then run the Mount Desert Island Marathon and Half Marathon route, and head north for the Millinocket Marathon and Half route.

    Finish atop Katahdin, the highest peak in Maine and the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail.

    Wherever you are in the world, you can participate virtually by running or walking and logging your miles, and watch your avatar move along on a map of the 200-mile route from Cadillac to Katahdin, including the routes of the MDI and Millinocket Marathon and Half Marathon.

    You have until April 10th to complete the route. To ensure you cross the finish line and to take into account any mileage rounding issues, be sure to log a few extra tenths of a mile. Registration ends April 10th and your special finisher's medal(s) will be mailed within 3-4 weeks after the end of the race, if not sooner.

    Special pricing for registrants in the real-life 2017 MDI and Millinocket Marathon and Half Marathon. We will cross reference the real-life entrants' list and if runners don't appear then the virtual fee will be forfeited. Option to add on the collector’s edition of the Acadia Centennial Medal.

    At least 5% of gross proceeds from the race go to help support Acadia National Park via the nonprofit Friends of Acadia, and Millinocket via the nonprofit Our Katahdin and Millinocket Memorial Library. Brought to you by and

    We've got racers all over the globe! To keep everyone on the same page, we've come up with some handy guidelines:
    • • We rely on the honor system... you don't have to use a device to prove your miles -- a good map suffices.

    • • Please only backdate mileage to August 15th

    • • No step counting, please use intentional miles.

    • • Only walking or running miles please! (NOTE: miles on a racer’s personal log are for all races they are in, over all sports)

    • • Please attribute your mileage to the appropriate day -- don’t combine mileage from multiple days.

    • • Miles submitted after the race ends will not count toward race leaderboards.

    No mileage submitted yet.