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    • Gef 4h ago
      0.7 miles
      Quick walk with Aggie. #8thwonderoftheworld
       Longest personal streak grows to 22 days at 8.69 miles/day.
    • Gef 11h ago
      1.7 miles
      Break from school. #8thwonderoftheworld
    • Gef 17h ago
      3.3 miles
      Walk in the rain turned into walk in the snow. #8thwonderoftheworld
       Longest personal streak grows to 21 days at 8.79 miles/day.
    • Gef Jan 20
      6.3 miles
      5 mile run, 1 mile plus walk. Felt good. #8thwonderoftheworld
       4th Longest personal exercise of this race.
    • Gef Jan 20
      1.4 miles
      Early morning walk in the dark. #8thwonderoftheworld
    • Gef Jan 19
      0.5 miles
      Walk while I wait for my burrito. #8thwonderoftheworld
    • Gef Jan 19
      1.8 miles
      Walk around The Dalles while Doctor had his braces adjusted. #8thwonderoftheworld
       Passed 1 athlete.
    • Gef Jan 19
      3.3 miles
      I never tire of seeing the sun top the hills and turn all the frost into glitter. #8thwonderoftheworld
       Longest personal streak grows to 19 days at 8.51 miles/day.
    • Gef Jan 18
      6.1 miles
      Got up early, had a scone and tea, then went trail walking in the frosty hills. #8thwonderoftheworld
       4th Longest personal exercise of this race.  Longest personal streak grows to 18 days at 8.31 miles/day.  Passed 1 athlete.
    • Gef Jan 17
      3.2 miles
      Spent most the day cooking goodies for Creek Day so it felt good to get out for a run/walk. #8thwonderoftheworld
       Passed 1 athlete.
    • Gef Jan 17
      2.6 miles
      Spectacularly beautiful morning for a walk. #8thwonderoftheworld
    • Gef Jan 17
      0.7 miles
      Last little bit to cap for the first time in this. #8thwonderoftheworld
       Longest personal streak grows to 17 days at 7.82 miles/day.
    • Gef Jan 16
      1.1 miles
      Cold froze my nose. #8thwonderoftheworld
    • Gef Jan 16
      2.0 miles
      Sunny walk after being frustrated by password login nonsense. #8thwonderoftheworld
       Longest personal streak grows to 16 days at 7.50 miles/day.
    • Gef Jan 15
      1.2 miles
      So sunny, had to go look at the creek again. #8thwonderoftheworld
       Passed 1 athlete.
    • Gef Jan 15
      2.4 miles
      Walk to check out the new creek. #8thwonderoftheworld
      Whoops, didn't mean to like my own activity
      I did that too! Lol
    • Gef Jan 15
      2.4 miles
      Walk to check out the new creek. #8thwonderoftheworld
      Whoops, didn't mean to like my own activity
      I did that too! Lol
    • Gef Jan 15
      0.6 miles
      That was one cold walk but I suppose that's what happens when you walk in your bathrobe. #8thwonderoftheworld
       Longest personal streak grows to 15 days at 7.34 miles/day.
    • Gef Jan 14
      6.1 miles
      For a while there I let my legs out and felt like a runner again. That was nice #8thwonderoftheworld
       10th Longest personal exercise.  Passed 2 athletes.
    • Gef Jan 14
      1.0 miles
      Break from school walk. #8thwonderoftheworld
    • Gef Jan 14
      2.1 miles
      I got up late whoops but still got a walk in #8thwonderoftheworld
       Passed 2 athletes.
    • Gef Jan 13
      3.9 miles
      Nice night for a run walk. #8thwonderoftheworld
       8th Longest personal exercise of this race.  Passed 1 athlete.
    • Gef Jan 13
      1.1 miles
      Was only going to do a half mile but it was so nice I did a whole mile. #8thwonderoftheworld
    • Gef Jan 13
      2.1 miles
      Cold and windy, walked in the wheat a little. #8thwonderoftheworld
       Longest personal streak grows to 13 days at 7.23 miles/day.
    • Gef Jan 12
      2.4 miles
      Walk to get away from my evil cats, got to see some star. #8thwonderoftheworld
    • Gef Jan 12
      6.1 miles
      Morning run/walk in light rain, very pleasant. #8thwonderoftheworld
       2nd Longest personal exercise of this race.  Longest personal streak grows to 12 days at 7.30 miles/day.  Passed 3 athletes.
    • Gef Jan 11
      2.7 miles
      Walk with Aggie to consider a location for a bridge. #8thwonderoftheworld
       Passed 2 athletes.
    • Gef Jan 11
      1.5 miles
      Aggie and I back at the creek bed. #8thwonderoftheworld
       Longest personal streak grows to 11 days at 6.74 miles/day.
    • Gef Jan 10
      1.0 miles
      Ags and I trying to see the creek bed before the creek comes in #8thwonderoftheworld
       Passed 1 athlete.
    • Gef Jan 10
      1.1 miles
      Aggie walked #8thwonderoftheworld
       Passed 1 athlete.
    • Gef Jan 9
      0.5 miles
      Walk around Broadway in Eugene. #8thwonderoftheworld
    • Gef Jan 8
      2.1 miles
      Luckky not to be eaten by a werewolf #8thwonderoftheworld
       9th Longest personal exercise of this race.  Passed 3 athletes.
    • Gef Jan 8
      1.0 miles
       Passed 1 athlete.
    • Gef Jan 8
      0.8 miles
      Rock walk with littles #8thwonderoftheworld
       Passed 2 athletes.
    • Gef Jan 8
      1.8 miles
      Rainy walk, I got to wear my Doctor Who coat. #8thwonderoftheworld
       9th Longest personal exercise of this race.  3rd Longest personal streak grows to 8 days at 5.74 miles/day.  Passed 2 athletes.
    • Gef Jan 7
      1.5 miles
      Morning walk, lots of sunshine #8thwonderoftheworld
       3rd Longest personal streak grows to 7 days at 5.73 miles/day.  Passed 5 athletes.
    • Gef Jan 6
      1.1 miles
      Walk with my Lorna #8thwonderoftheworld
       Passed 1 athlete.
    • Gef Jan 6
      5.4 miles
      That trail run was good for my legs and my soul. #8thwonderoftheworld
       2nd Longest personal exercise of this race.  Passed 10 athletes.
    • Gef Jan 6
      1.7 miles
      Morning walk saw my deer on the hill again. #8thwonderoftheworld
       7th Longest personal exercise of this race.  3rd Longest personal streak grows to 6 days at 5.35 miles/day.  Passed 5 athletes.
    • Gef Jan 5
      1.5 miles
      Aggie joined me for a walk, saw 5 deer on Old Bend hill. #8thwonderoftheworld
       8th Longest personal exercise of this race.  3rd Longest personal streak grows to 5 days at 5.46 miles/day.  Passed 1 athlete.
    • Gef Jan 4
      1.6 miles
      Shaking out the legs. #8thwonderoftheworld
       4th Longest personal streak grows to 4 days at 5.03 miles/day.  Passed 8 athletes.
    • Gef Jan 3
      0.5 miles
      Partner got fish and chips and I walked the block #8thwonderoftheworld
       Passed 1 athlete.
    • Gef Jan 3
      3.0 miles
      Wind storm and dark equals scary, but I did see a shooting star. #8thwonderoftheworld
       3rd Longest personal exercise of this race.  Passed 10 athletes.
    • Gef Jan 2
      3.1 miles
      First part of run as third cake bakes. #8thwonderoftheworld
       Longest personal exercise of this race.  Passed 56 athletes.
    • Gef Jan 2
      1.5 miles
      Walk while cake bakes #8thwonderoftheworld
       2nd Longest personal exercise of this race.  Passed 44 athletes.
    • Gef Jan 1
      0.5 miles
      Little walk #8thwonderoftheworld
       3rd Longest personal exercise of this race.  Passed 27 athletes.
    • Gef Jan 1
      2.0 miles
      Evening jog #8thwonderoftheworld
       Longest personal exercise of this race.  Passed 125 athletes.
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    • AlottaMiles 6h ago
      Can anyone tell me why my screen shot isn't showing up when I post? Is it because it's not from my phone?
      I'm seeing your screenshots attached to your mileage posts, @AlottaMiles 🤷‍♂️
    • RTITimeWizard Jan 18
      Battle of the Fandoms Season 2: Episode 3 kicks off this week! Don’t forget to double dip and enter your miles in BOTF AND in Fans Run The World!!
      Double dipping sounds yummy! ;)
    • BookMasterJMV Jan 18
      If anyone is looking for a new podcast, once-and-always RTI partner Racing for Orphans with Down Syndrome now has one! #allonsyforcharlie
    • Barbarita Jan 16
      Dropping in here to remind everyone that you can simply opt out of any and all emails by going to the bottom of your emails and clicking on the opt out options!
      cannot seem to opt in though!
      @tmcfarlane send a message if you want those emails.
      I like the idea of these emails. It's a little extra fun motivation to kick it in gear... When you don't have 100s of people on a team Lol. It's a bit much with how many we are! 😂
    • DrClaw2019 Jan 16
      Happy Weekend Fandom Runners!!
    • HeathernHounds Jan 16
      Is there a way to opt out of the emails telling me how I am being passed?
      At the bottom of those emails, there is a section you can click to unsubscribe.
      Thank you from the bottom of my soles😀
      Was just about to add: I did the same, but it took 24 hours to kick in, so I got a couple more. Ugh.
    • ElfridaRunhard Jan 15
      Goal of breaking into the top 100 before the end of the month 🤠 🐎 100-140, better watch out!!
      I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of rank changes with Battle of the Fandoms!
      Ohhhh dang!! I forgot abt BoTF!!! Whew, it’s gonna get crazy
      I’ve ‘liked’ nearly every activity so far for FRTW... (I think I’ve gotten them all, actually) I don’t think I can keep that up during the insanity of BotF 😅 I’m not sure how I feel about that.
      @MusicalMM I tend to do my liking while I'm pacing as it kind of makes it feel like the other 423 racers are *with me* as I do circles around my house. 😂
      You got this!!
      I'm just trying to stay in the front half of the field. :)
      Fast as fast can be...
    • ControlsGuru Jan 10
      Friday-Sunday are usually my best. Nowhere to go; nothing to do except online church. Rising before the sun and getting kiddos off to online school keeps the miles short during the week.
      I don’t know why but I usually do worse when my husband is around. This week has been weird with the kids home but they return to school tomorrow so I should start doing better this week 🤞
    • Turgle Jan 9
      Happy Weekend fellow runners and walkers and walk-runners.
      Happy weekend to you too.
    • BookMasterJMV Jan 8
      What are your intentional walk/run peaks and valleys for the week? My peak is Sunday-Monday-Tuesday as I'm off for the first two days and I don't go into work until 12noon on Tuesday. Valley is Thursday-Friday-Saturday since work is slow and makes for such long days that I'm not motivated to walk when I get home.
      Mine are random, depending on changing demands of children, virtual schooling and self employment. Winging it!
      I have more time for miles on the weekends.
      Same here, my (M-F) work week limits the non-Team event Racery miles. Glad my weekend is starting today so I can catch some extra miles! Miss your presence in Companions!
      @HufflePond I think I'm social media'ed out for the duration, but I'm glad there's always Racery!
      Weekdays are difficult due to work so I end up doing pacing. However the stress of online teaching has been a great motivator since walking is a healthy stress relief for me
      I don’t know. Depends on schedule. I don’t have work schedule. And weather.
      I’m still at zero. The reclining stepper I use at PT I’m only up to .38 miles! One day though! Hoping to be able to start the elliptical soon!
      @GoGoBootGirl I've seen several workouts posted here under 0.5 mi - maybe you can contact RTI and see if they will let you log your miles?
    • AlottaMiles Jan 7
      I made it! Yay! I see otters talking about groups or teams... Are you talking about our houses? Why aren't I on a team? Lol I hate slowing up late because I feel so unprepared!
      Some people made their own hashtag group on their profile, in addition to the house and group hashtags :)
      @MusicalMM gotcha, thanks!
      Omg the typos! I'm sure you can figure out what I mean lol
      Yea I was thinking, which Hogwarts house is otters.... 😁
      @RobertR new phone, new autocorrect battles lol
    • CindyL Jan 6
      How do I find the leaderboard for the various ‘#’ teams? I can pull up the team, but it just shows me the recent activity logs?
      If you go Menu > Athletes and click on the hashtags there it should list the leaderboard for the individual team for this race.
      When i click on athletes it just shows me the list of athletes - there are no teams or hashtags or anything? Is it because I am on an iphone that I can’t see anything?
      @CindyL Maybe? I use the desktop version mainly.
    • GoGoBootGirl Jan 6
      Who’s outpacing any seasonal storms today?? I know it’s summer down in New Zealand but surely they get summer thunderstorms! For you northerners any snow, sleet or rain today??
      I’m in central NY. It was cold and kinda snowy. It was more blowing than snowing 😂
      North Texas is going to get snow/sleet/ice this weekend and everyone's #freakingout. (it happens maybe once a year, lol) I only find it funny because everywhere I've lived for the majority of my life gets major winter snow.
      Not much snow near Detroit, Michigan...yet. We’re waiting for our Canadian neighbors to send us a cold front from the northeast over Lake Erie and for our friends in TX to send some gulf moisture north. Timing hasn’t been great yet.
    • HuffleJen Jan 5
      If I deleted activity, then re added it to get the right DDD on (I did it just now), will it adjust my tot eventually? The deleted activity is gone from my log, it my total seems to still be including it.
      It should fall off after a few hours.
      Racery sometimes takes a bit to update, but yes, it will eventually settle to the correct mileage! :D
    • GoGoBootGirl Jan 4
      Can you guys slow down a bit 🤣🤣🤣 But seriously what fun sights have you seen and at what mile?? I need to make my plans for when I am able to start walking!! I want to see EVERYTHING!!! Bonus points for any animal sightings... I want to stop and pet all of them!
      I've seen the Party Tree at 0.7 mi and there's a Hobbiton sign with some people on a tour at 1 mi.
      @BookMasterJMV mile 2.3 is a Hobbiton visit center like thing :)
      I don’t actually know how to comment on things here 😂 Mile 2.3 is a Hobbiton visit center like thing.
      There's a thread in the Great Hall too-- stop in and drop some screenshots :D I keep getting open roads with lovely scenery!
      At mile 16.1 there’s some sort of animal. Maybe sheep? They are far away. Totally petable.
    • KarenMurphy Jan 4
      Hi how can I filter to just see my group’s activity?
      Menu > Athletes > Find your team and click on the hashtag. You should be able to bookmark that particular page for easier viewing now.
      On my screen Menu > Athletes has no option to Find Team. I can see my teammates’ positions/activity but there is no hashtag to click on. We are #sistersruntheworld. Can you see the team?
      @BookMasterJMV thanks a bunch
    • BubbaVampSlayer Jan 3
      Hey guys! It’s day 3! How is everyone doing? I haven’t gotten any miles yet today but I’m excited to get out there.
      It was in the 30’s on my walk and I’m pretty sure my ears are still thawing out 😆 But I got out! Next time I’ll wear something to cover my ears!
      Way to go! I always wear two hoodies when it’s cold out and having two hoods together keeps my head really warm 😁
      I'm feeling my four-ish months of decreased activity and higher caloric intake. 😪😴😫
      Same! My body is like “what are we doing?! I thought we didn’t do this any more?” 😂
      Was supposed to be a rest day for me but I got out and grabbed a quick mile 😌
      Awesome job! I think today is going to be a low one for me but we will see. I might get some energy later.
      Its raining/snowing/sleeting here. So I snuck into a gym and got some treadmill miles.
      I hate when it’s sleeting. Way to get your miles!
      I’ve logged every day so far! My trackers are unfortunately behind my treadmill readout by about .18 miles (more last night as I played with the best place for my phone), but it is what it is!
      HATE when this happens. Ymmv, but it seems that if I swing my arms more (normally I’m a minimal arm-swinger), my Garmin is closer to what my treadmill reports—or even a bit faster!
    • NONE63 Jan 3
      I posted a picture from my hike this morning instead of my proof. How can I add that? Also, I’m using NRC but it has no date on it and I don’t know how to get a date on it. Am I disqualified or something?
      Thank you to the person who helped me correct this! Unfortunately when I deleted my post I lost her name in the comments.
      I am glad you figured it out! Mostly, we want our Fanthropy runners to stay in the habit of adding their "DDD" to their submissions so this race can have the "proof of miles" like our other Racery events. But we are not micromanaging it! Do you best and if needed, we will ask you to edit a proof if we have to!!
    • HuffleJen Jan 2
      I realized that my first two entries, I didn’t use the right page of NRC to get the DDDs. What do I need to do? They were from yesterday, so I don’t want to delete and resubmit. Thanks.
      It looks like you can still log miles for yesterday (click on the Today in Log Activity). I'm not sure if that's the right thing to do, but it's something!
      You can either just leave it be... and from here on out, add the DDDs as appropriate, or feel free to delete your submissions and back date the ones from yesterday (or the 1st!) and add your DDDs to those when you resubmit them. And note that sometimes it takes a bit for the leaderboards to catch up with submissions/deletions.
    • GoGoBootGirl Jan 2
      While I’m still in a boot 👢 I’m up to .25 at a time so not enough to log just quite yet! But some of you peeps are just booking it!! Take time to see the pretty scenery... I know you could always catch it the second time around, but it you’re like me I never quite land in the same place!!
      You’re getting closer!
      I know I’m excited about it! It takes me a bit of time to do that but it’s getting easy! Right now it’s crutches for short distances and knee scooter or wheelchair for longer distances! But I’m hoping within a week or 2 I can do a half mile a day!
    • Turgle Jan 2
      Day#2: #raceryaddiction intensifies. Have a nice run / walk!
    • Iowafarmwife Jan 1
      Hi all, this is my first Racery. Is there a way to link a tracker or do we just post a screen shot? I logged my miles manually today with a Garmin screenshot.
      Post a screenshot in your upload ☺️
      @PinkFlamingo91 thank you!
    • tuffrunninpuff Jan 1
      Hooray for a full year of Racery. I hope 2021 is kind to each and every one of you 💛🖤
    • Sarelle Jan 1
      HNY! I am excited to see what I am able to do with this year-long racery. I look forward to running/walking/jogging with you all. You rock!! 💛✨
    • HeldineA Jan 1
      Happy New Year! Excited to re-visit New Zealand virtually with all of you! <3
    • Barbarita Jan 1
      For those in the Great Hall, Brian hosted his first FanCast for this event!
    • AslanClaw Jan 1
      Happy New Year to All! <3 Love, Health, Happiness and All the Support on All Your Goals! <3
    • Barbarita Jan 1
      Happy New YEAR! Lets start this one off right!!
    • Joanne76 Jan 1
      Happy New Year everybody!!!
    • Turgle Jan 1
      Happy New Year! So many familiar and so many new faces. 😀💛💚💙❤
    • GoGoBootGirl Jan 1
      Have we spotted any marsupials yet?! I need to stop and pet them all?!
      No but I got the finger at mile 1.13
      Oh my that’s funny 😆
    • nerdfelter Jan 1
      Happy New Year to you all!
    • MidwifeTCoffee Dec 30, 2020
      What "approved trackers" are people using for this race? My previous Racery events haven't required one. I've been mapping my routes on MapMyRun and using that mileage.
      As long as your tracker shows date, duration, and distance - you should be good to go.
      I do a combination of Gain, Fitbit and MapMyRun... whatever tracks the most and battery doesn’t die wins!
      Garmin... stupid autocorrect next thing you know it will Start seeing ducks again
      I use Nike Run Club!
      I'm using Nike Run Club b/c they have an Apple Watch app and Atlas Go.
      I generally use my Apple Watch but before I had one I used Nike run club for all events.
      I didn’t think we posted a DDD/PPP anywhere for this one. Was there a separate Facebook group made for all the Fans Run The World 2021? If so, I didn’t get the memo.
      Your DDD/PPP gets posted here on Racery when you log those miles in no separate FB group.
      @Sarelle @KivaDiva et al.: Thank you all! I was going off of rule #4 specific to this event about using an approved tracker (but only for Fanthropy, which I didn't know if I had to be in). I just used Runkeeper and it worked fine. I'd prefer to post pictures of rivers and mountains and interesting things about the workout...
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    • From: Hobbiton, New Zealand
    • To: Mt. Taranaki, New Zealand
    • Start date: January 1, 2021
    • End date: December 31, 2021
    • 0:00 EST
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    • Route distance: 365 miles
    • Total logged: 19,520.1 miles
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