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    • JeB Feb 20
      What's the deal with Cabra Castle - it's shown as Mile 186.2 and I wanted to stop there but I'm at 174.2 and I've passed it!
    • MidwifeTCoffee Feb 12
      Well, I thought I knew a bit about Ireland, but I'd never heard of County Westmeath, where I now find myself. Anyone else never been to Ireland?
    • MidwifeTCoffee Feb 7
      Happy February! Happy Black History Month!
    • MidwifeTCoffee Jan 29
      @RaceryKayla each time I run "CCleaner" (clearing out cookies, etc.) Racery makes me ask for a new login verification. I don't necessarily mind but wanted to "run" this by you.
      Morning!! Yes, that's totally normal behavior after you clear your cookies :) For easy login, I 100% recommend using your passcode instead of email verification! The passcode can be used to log in on ANY device. If you aren't sure what your code is, you can reset it via your settings -- and then change at any time if you have a combination of numbers that are super easy for you to remember :)!!
      @RaceryKayla I'll try that! Thanks!
    • RaceryKayla Jan 23
      Hi lovely racers!!! I wanted to let you know that after some FANTASTIC feedback, I've added in the mileage marker information to each pindrop on the map so that you can try to see a castle Google Street View! Keep in mind that we can't control what Google shows, but I hope this gives you better chance of seeing a castle along the way :) Mile marker information here as well: Mile 0 (at the starting line) Mile 12.8 Mile 51 Mile 110.3 Mile 186.2 Mile 223.5 Mile 304.7 Mile 488.3 Mile 498.4
      On the map I've passed Cabra Castle (186.2) but I'm only at about 174 :(
    • GP34 Jan 19
      What mile marker is the first castle?
      Mile 51 :)!!!
      Wait, I lied! There's actually one at the starting line -- and then one at mile 12.8. SO, the THIRD castle is mile 51.
      I've researched the castles we've been to so far. So interesting to see them offering modern entertainment. I guess you have to earn money somehow.
      @MidwifeTCoffee I could have sworn I read Racery was supposed to send epostcards for each castle.
      @GP34 postcards aren't set up to be at each castle -- they are placed randomly throughout the course and in subsequent loops as a little surprise :)
      @RaceryKayla got it. I just figured I'd get one by now
      It actually looks like you should've based on your progress. Can you send me an email so we can figure it out? I can see that one was sent on my end and want to make sure you get it :)!
      @GP34 yay! You get a postcard. I love my one so far.
      @RaceryKayla email sent
    • fouine21 Jan 13
      Meilleure santé 😊
    • MysterySnek Jan 12
      I’m so sad I have both a viral infection and strep throat!! I’m so sick of being not able to do anything!! Good luck my runners on escaping colds this year! I’m looking forward to when I’m released to at least go walking again!!
      Get well soon!
      I feel this so much as I've been nursing an injury which is keeping me from doing all the things I want!! Just rest and get better so you can crush all of your goals the rest of the year <3
      That’s exactly where I was last fall. Take care and I hope you feel better soon! I know it’s frustrating. Hang in there!
      Meilleure santé 😊
    • RaceryKayla Jan 6
      What are everyone's goals non-weight related goals this year? Goals can be physical and/or mental! For example, my physical goals are to build more bicep strength and work on my weighted squat form. My goal for my mental health is to get sunlight/be outside for at least 30 minutes a day (I know that sounds easy peasy but I work from home and it can be a challenge!)
      I recently joined a yoga studio and I hope to get much better at it over this year by attending 2 to 3 sessions per week. Mental health? I have two daughters getting married this year! So survive and enjoy is my plan!
      I want to get off blood pressure and diabetes medicines.
      I have gone through a lot of work changes/stress in the past few months. I did a Racery race to help keep me motivated and moving in a healthy way during that time. My goal for now is to get back to CrossFit (I had to give it up due to work scheduling) and to keep going with my running! I found that although I'm a really bad runner, I really enjoyed logging my miles.
      I am focusing this year on proper form really! Like a reboot and working on my gait, pacing and overall running fitness concentrating also doing core exercises! I will be doing less races this year, except for my few local favorites.
      I’m very late to this response (again like a 🐌) but I want to put my goals in to hopefully keep myself accountable. Physical goal: keep taking walks. Mental goal: let go of the hurt.
    • MidwifeTCoffee Jan 5
      Is anyone in the race in the southern hemisphere? Seems to me I saw S. Africa somewhere. Just asking as I walk (hopefully soon run) in the cold and snow.
      Hi - yes I am in Johannesburg! Swelteringly hot here so I am enjoying doing my exercise in the water. Good luck in the cold...brrr
      @Karen49 Thanks! I guess we'll all be switching seasons (northern-southern hemispheres) by 31 December 2020.
    • Mammallama Jan 5
      Is there a bib I can print out for this race?
      Yes, it was in your welcome email :)! The email is titled "your bib and next steps...!"
    • RaceryKayla Jan 3
      How is everyone going to be active today? I'll personally be going to leg day bootcamp at noon!! Bring on the lunges and squats and weighted glute bridges!!!!!!
      Slushy, icy conditions outside today so it's the treadmill for me. Leg day is tomorrow!
    • BamBam Jan 2
      Starting out like a 🐌
    • StewartSam Jan 2
      Ready to push myself to the max this year! This will be the first year I do anything like this. Hoping to create a new personal record, good luck everyone!!!!
    • IzzieB Jan 2
      Taking control of my health after a mild heart attack a little over a year ago. Starting out slowly but intending to finish strong. Whatever your motivation, I hope you crush this with me :).
      yes! let's crush this.
      @MidwifeTCoffee Whoop Whoop!
      Totally agree. I am 70 yrs old and will be taking it slowly and joyfully. Good luck team mate!
      @Karen49 Thank you so much. Great luck to you as well!
    • Flash51 Jan 1
      Heidi M- hope you got a few miles in today. Flash
    • Barbarita Jan 1
      Ready to start this year right! Thank you, Racery for setting this up!
    • JillybeanB Jan 1
      So thankful for Racery for doing this again. Had a hard time motivating last year. Mostly walking for now, but hoping to get back to where I was eventually. Regardless, as long as I’m out and moving I’m happy!
    • Shibs Jan 1
      I am SO excited for this! It’s like a mini trip to Ireland. ❤️
    • MysterySnek Dec 31, 2019
      Who’s ready for this to start! I know I am!!! Happy miles & Happy New Year!!
    • MidwifeTCoffee Dec 31, 2019
      I'm recovering from foot surgery, but if the castles of Ireland can't help my foot heal, I don't know what can! Hoping to see other AABC/CABC/AABCF people out here!
    • librarystax Dec 31, 2019
      Tomorrow’s playlist starts with The Proclaimers. And I would walk 500
      Great motivational song idea
    • NanGrim Dec 30, 2019
      Happy to be back! Using this for continual training throughout the year <3
      I am too!
    • Dizney Dec 26, 2019
      Excited for the new year and the challenge. See everyone out there!
    • SandraD Dec 24, 2019
      Is there a group for DOH Hawaii?
    • librarystax Nov 23, 2019
      Och, May the road rise to meet all racers in Ireland! See you on the trail.
    • Crosstrack6 Nov 22, 2019
      So happy they brought this back. Super stoked to be doing it in Ireland this New Year :)
    • MysterySnek Nov 21, 2019
      So excited for this!!! I’ve been struggling on deciding my goals for 2020!!! The past 2 years I’ve done Half Marathons and now on Sunday my first Full Marathon... I’m trying a new training program and needed something to motivate me and keep track as I’m going now for form, speed and more of an overall body conditioning!!
    • Traca91 Nov 21, 2019
      Great motivation to get back to running! Have taken a break, time to start back up!!!
    • Gramme Nov 21, 2019
      I've been to Ireland twice - excited to virtually re-visit a country I love!
      We've also made two wonderful trips to Ireland. I look forward to viewing more lovely Irish scenery.
    • RaceryKayla Nov 21, 2019
      Super excited for this challenge! I've loved the 2019 challenge I'm in -- so fun to see how far you can go :)
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