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          • LizzyT2T Friends of T2T 9h ago
            343 FDNY Heroes are honored by doing this run or walk! Today we have unlocked the following firehouses. Ladder 24 Ladder 16 Ladder 13 Rescue 2 Battalion 2 Battalion 6 Engine 33 Engine 22 Engine 1 Engine 20
          • LizzyT2T Friends of T2T Sept 17
            Unlocking some more firehouses today so you can see the pictures, the faces and the images of the 343 come to life. Squad 252 Ladder 9 Ladder 11 Rescue 5 Rescue 3 Battalion 43 Battalion 7 Engine 230 Engine 40 Engine 26
          • LizzyT2T Friends of T2T Sept 14
            GOOD JOB EVERYONE!! How cool is this run or walk? We're unlocking Firehouses today! 9/11 may have passed but we remember these FDNY heroes everyday! Squad 41 Ladder 118 Ladder 25 Ladder 3 Ladder 136 Ladder 8 Engine 22 Engine 279
          • LizzyT2T Friends of T2T Sept 13
            Hey Everyone! How are you all doing today? How's your running and walking and how do you like the Virtual Run and Walk? Tell us what you think? Tell your friends - we're still taking registrations!
            When we pass the pins is that when it shows up the information. I’m not sure if I’ve passed any stops or not.
            @Boxerhuman - when you log miles you may or may not hit a firehouse... you will see the street view regardless of where you land and you can click on any of the map pins to see what firehouse is there, who was in there and as we slowly unlock them you'll have a link to see pictures of the 343 in total by the end of the run on 9/30.
          • LizzyT2T Friends of T2T Sept 12
            follow our facebook page for announcements, prizes and more about this virtual run and walk!
          • Fastrabbit Team SCSO Sept 11
            Let's Do This!!! Never Forget!!
          • LizzyT2T Friends of T2T Sept 11
            Today, we begin our virtual journey through the 75 firehouses that lost an FDNY hero! We have begun.... you can start logging miles and you can invite friends, family to join you in this experience to never forget. Today we unlock Squad 1 - the firehouse of Stephen Siller, who was the entire reason our foundation exists to continue doing good and ensure that his legacy continues on. LET US DO GOOD!
          • LizzyT2T Friends of T2T Sept 10
            Who is ready to remember tomorrow and start logging miles? Check your emails tonight for info on the start of the run and prizes that you can earn as we honor and remember the sacrifice made by so many on 9/11
          • Evil Gam3rinc Sept 2
            I didn’t see a specific time either. I’m guessing anytime unless someone sets up a time and date so a bunch of people can go together.
            Opens up and starts on 9/11 at 8:46 the same time the first plane hit!
          • CatMama TeachersSupport Sept 2
            Question-what time does this start on 9/11 and what time does it close on 9/30??
            The event opens up and starts at 8:46 the time when the first plane hit on 9/11.
            Hey there! You'll have all day on 9/30 to log miles EST -- it will close at 11:59:59 pm EST. :)
            @RaceryLesley I received an email in response to this same question. It said all Miles need to be logged in by noon Sunday 9/30. Did the time change?
          • LizzyT2T Friends of T2T Aug 24
            Hey everyone! WHere are you all from?? comment below!
            from Toms River NJ. Deputy chair for the Seaside SemperFive race. in ‘16 my bil (chair) and were invited to be part of this great run since ours was canceled because of a terrorist bombing. we were in the front group carrying our race banner. humbling experience.
            @vucat1971. Yes we met on the promenade when you were interviewed by cbs!
            Deptford New Jersey.
            Burnsville, MN
            Tampa Bay Area of Florida!
            Near Cleveland
            Alvin, TX
            Eastern CT.
          • LizzyT2T Friends of T2T Aug 20
            Will you guys be running or walking in memory of the 343 and if so, who? Tell us below!
            I will be running in honor of George Cain and a Post 9/11 LODD Ray Pfeifer.
            Been running since ‘74, knees are gone but I can walk dam fast. in training for Marine Corp Marathon end of October. Part of Marine Raider Foundation team.
            Firefighter Sean Tallon/Ten House
          • LizzyT2T Friends of T2T Aug 18
            Hey Runners and Walkers! It may look like a bunch of map pins now, but when the event starts on 9/11 - we'll be unlocking firehouses throughout the campaign so you can see pictures and stories of the 343 FDNY Heroes who died on 9/11.
          • LizzyT2T Friends of T2T Aug 16
            Hey Runners & Walkers! Fill up your team of 5 before Sunday and qualify for a special prize!!! :) Check your email for more details!
          • LizzyT2T Friends of T2T Aug 10
            Hey Teams!! The event registration went LIVE today! Don't forget to fill the spots up on your team so that we can get more people on our mission to Never Forget!
            Hi Lizzy! Do teams have to have 5 people to be able to run?
            @JoJo21 Nope! We would love to get more people on board and make this event huge. You can run or walk by yourself or with up to 4 others. If you go over 5 you can have them start a new team!!! Hope that makes sense!!!
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            • From: Ladder 38
            • To: One World Trade Center
            • Start date: September 11, 2018
            • End date: September 30, 2018
            • Route distance: 135.4 miles
            • Total logged: 6,513.6 miles
            Welcome to the 2018 Tunnel to Towers Virtual Run & Walk!

            Keep up with the T2T virtual race community on Facebook by liking this page:

            The virtual race starts on 9/11 -- create or join a team of up to 5 people using the team dropdown during sign up. As a team, you will complete the 135.4 mile route - AND as you move around the route, you'll pass individual firehouses of first responders -- our FDNY heroes. Click on each red pindrop to read about the station and the brave men and women.

            Challenge Coin (available at the $25 Bling + Challenge Coin Package level):



            This virtual run and walk will begin at Ladder 38 in the Bronx and passes five other firehouses in the borough. After the Bronx, the route moves to upper Manhattan at Engine 37 and travels all the way downtown to Engine 10 and Ladder 10 passing 31 more firehouses. You'll skip the bridges and tunnels and find yourself in Staten Island where the route then travels the distance between Battalion 22 and Ladder 13 to Rescue 5 in Staten Island. Lastly, the route moves from Ladder 166 in Queens and zig zags between the numerous firehouses in Queens and Brooklyn to to finally end at Engine 205 and Ladder 118 in Brooklyn. From there, the route is completed by traveling Stephen Siller's final steps through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel to the site of the World Trade Center.

            Run or walk anywhere you want. Then log activity and see yourself move on our map and leaderboards. Catch a Google Street View of your virtual locale, then cheer your real fellow racers!

            To keep everyone on the same page, we've come up with some handy guidelines:

            - We rely on the honor system - you don't have to use a device to prove your miles
            - Only running or walking miles are permitted to be tracked (step-counting is ok!)
            - Please attribute your mileage to the appropriate day -- don’t combine mileage from multiple days
            - Miles submitted after the race ends will not count toward race leaderboards
            - Once your team completes the route - keep going! You can ‘loop’ the course until the race closes on 9/30

            No mileage submitted yet.