From Disney to Denali: now you can log Racery miles even when you’re not racing

Many racers have asked us if they can track miles even when they’re not participating in one of our many¬†virtual races. So we’ve built a new map for each racer called “My Trek” that tallies the individual’s miles on one long route.

Now you’ll be able to picture your progress on a giant trek from Disney World in Florida to Denali in Alaska… 4,782 miles!

As you know, Denali is the tallest mountain in North America.

The trek will automatically log miles submitted to any of your Racery virtual race that’s running or generic “exercise,” and then, when you’re between races, promp you to continue logging miles, either via e-mail or a form on the trek page.

Your trek will be located at… or, for example in my case,

Update: here’s an example of one virtual racer who has completed the entire virtual trek and will be soon continuing onward. Wow.