Convert any activity into miles in an inclusive virtual step challenge

While most corporate and charity fitness challenges focus on runners/walkers, Racery gets kudos for celebrating of all types of activities and achievements. If you know someone looking to host an fitness virtual challenge that’s inclusive, we’re ready to help!

Runners and walkers get most of the attention when it comes to fitness — after all, they’re the people you see most often striding along major thoroughfares in your community. And you don’t read much about bowling marathons or archery 10ks.

So for people who think that other activities don’t get enough (sometimes any!) credit in fitness programs, we’ve created the following conversion chart. You can use it to convert any activity, even those that don’t get registered on a pedometer, into miles in a virtual step challenge on one of our many virtual race routes.

Since many people don’t or can’t run or walk, this flexibility is particularly important for fitness programs and charity challenges that aim to be inclusive.

We can foster inclusiveness by renaming the default activity in one of our events from the standard running, swimming or cycling to ‘working out’ or ‘exercising.’ (We’ve even done a number of events based on Bible verse memorization!) To complete 26.2 virtual marathon around London, complete with Street Views and digital souvenirs, your community members can use 15.5 hours of mopping over the course of a month. Or 10.5 hours of yard work. Or 6.7 hours of playground games.

The only limitation is your inventiveness. If you don’t see your activity listed here, let us know and we’ll help you work out a conversion.

Now you can convert canoeing time into steps that count as miles a virtual race!

We can power whatever kind of achievement you’re striving to encourage and celebrate! This conversion chart means that someone doing aerobics or croquet (or even cooking) can log miles and compete. And because Racery accepts manual entry of miles — via app or webpage or e-mail — there’s lots of flexibility for caregivers to log miles too.

ONE HOUR OF [ activity ] equals X miles
Aerobic dancing class 3.6
Aerobic fitness class 5.1
Aerobics, low impact 3.6
Aerobics, step 4.3
Backpacking 5.1
Badminton, casual 3.7
Badminton, competitive 5.8
Ballet dancing 3.4
Baseball 3.7
Basketball, game 4.1
Basketball, recreational 3.7
Bicycling, easy pace 3.7
Bicycling, moderate pace 4.8
Bicycling, vigorous pace 5.7
Billiards/pool 2.2
Bowling 2.0
Bowling on the Wii 1.7
Boxing, non-competitive 3.7
Boxing, competitive 6.3
Calisthenics 3.0
Canoeing 2.6
Cheerleading 2.8
Children’s playground games 3.9
Circuit training 5.7
Climbing, rock/mountain 7.7
Cooking 1.7
Croquet 2.2
Dancing, class 3.1
Dancing, salsa/country/swing 3.1
Dancing, party 3.1
Drill team 4.3
Electronic sports, Wii/PS3 2.6
Elliptical trainer 5.8
Fencing 5.2
Firewood-carrying/chopping 1.7
Fishing 2.6
Football 5.7
Frisbee 2.6
Gardening 2.3
Golf, carrying clubs 3.1
Golf, powered cart 2.3
Grocery shopping 1.9
Gymnastics 3.4
Handball 9.9
Hiking 4.9
Hiking, orienteering 6.6
Hockey, field and ice 6.8
Home/auto repair 2.6
Horseback riding 2.6
Horseshoes 2.0
Housework, light 2.0
Ice skating, general 2.4
Ice skating, moderate 3.5
In-line skating 5.4
Jogging 5.1
Judo & Karate 6.7
Jumping rope, fast 8.5
Jumping rope, moderate 7.1
Kayaking 4.3
Kickball 6.0
Kickboxing 8.2
Lacrosse 6.9
Miniature golf 2.6
Mopping 1.7
Mowing lawn 3.4
Painting (a room) 2.2
Pilates 2.6
Punching bag 5.1
Raking lawn/leaves 3.4
Racquetball, casual 5.1
Racquetball, competitive 7.2
Rock climbing 6.9
Rollerblading 4.4
Rowing 4.2
Rowing machine 6.0
Rugby 8.6
Running, 12 – minute mile 5.1
Running, 10 – minute mile 6.3
Running, 8 – minute mile 7.9
Sailing, boat and board 2.6
Scrubbing floors 2.0
Scuba Diving 5.8
Shopping 2.0
Shoveling snow 4.1
Skateboarding 2.9
Skeeball 1.5
Skiing, light/moderate 3.1
Skiing, cross-country 3.2
Sledding 4.5
Snowboarding 5.2
Snowmobiling 3.0
Snowshoeing 5.1
Soccer, recreational 5.1
Soccer, competitive 4.1
Softball 4.3
Spinning 5.7
Squash 9.9
Stair climbing, machine 5.7
Stair climbing, down stairs 2.0
Stair climbing, up stairs 5.1
Stretching 0.4
Surfing 2.6
Swimming, backstroke 5.1
Swimming, butterfly 7.7
Swimming, freestyle 5.1
Swimming, leisure 4.9
Swimming, treading water 3.3
Table tennis 3.4
Tae Bo 7.1
Tae Kwon Do 8.2
Tai Chi 1.1
Tennis 5.7
Trampoline 2.6
Vacuuming 2.7
Volleyball 2.6
Walking, stroll 1.7
Walking, average 2.4
Washing a car 2.0
Water aerobics 3.3
Water polo 8.6
Water skiing 4.1
Waxing a car 2.3
Weight lifting 1.9
Wrestling 4.1
Yard work 2.5
Yoga 1.3

Our activity-to-step-counting-to-miles conversion is based on a Purdue steps/minute table for that full list of activities, which we’ve combined with the commonplace that an average person takes 2112 steps in a mile.

Now with your activity covered taken care of, go pick one of our pre-baked virtual races and challenges or build your own virtual race using locations/landmarks that will engage your community or just (!) do a virtual walk around the world. Or talk with us about customizing a three-ring virtual race for your charity or company!

Matthew Clark