Use relay teams for your company’s next fitness challenge

We launched Racery back in 2014 to help individuals motivate each other, even when they weren’t exercising in the same physical location. Each person’s daily mileage was logged on a virtual route, and her/his rank was marked on a leaderboard.

Later, companies hosting races for their staffers asked us to add “teams” to allow individuals to contribute personal miles to a team total.  Each racer’s new mileage log would advance her/his team avatar on the virtual route. In essence, these virtual competitions became relay races.

We’ve seen teams galore — purple vs green versus blue, sales vs admin vs factory, Hufflepuff vs Slytherin.

These relay races showed that even people who claim they’re not competitive actually love to contribute to a team total. In fact, people often stretch much further than when they’re striving only for personal success.

That’s what all the research says too: contributing to a team motivates people to excel.

What are you waiting for? Test Racery’s core motivational features for free with a 7-day virtual race! 

We’ve taken our virtual relays one step further, allowing entire groups to roll all their miles together into a single avatar that progresses on the map. We call a uniteam. This mode lets the group cover much longer distances — think 15,000 miles around the US… or around the moon!