Rahija: ‘A good reminder to be grateful..’

imageBryan Rahija runs primarily in Chicago, but occasionally in Durham and on treadmills in New York. He works in the consulting practice for Rosetta, an engagement agency, and maintains an astrology website in his spare time. 


Q. How far do you normally run in an average week?

Usually 6-8 miles, that is, in any season other than a Midwestern Winter.

Q. Do you have any dream runs you aim to complete someday?

I would love to complete at least some kind of 5K (formal or informal) in every National Park in America.

Q. What or who inspires you to run…even on the hard days?

Prefontaine. Knowing that I’ll feel like I accomplished something for the rest of the day. My girlfriend, who is currently demolishing me in my current RunWithMe race. The Tecate I sometimes reward myself with at the end of the day.

Q. How do you measure success as a runner?

With RunWithMe!

Q. How does running fit in your schedule? 

First thing I do on a Saturday, or something to wind down on a Tuesday of Wednesday.

Q. What’s one word that describes what/how running makes you feel?

It’s meditation on your feet.

Q. What’s the coolest connection you’ve made through running?

There’s nothing like goofing off with a bunch of teammates on my high school cross-country team. But, more recently, I’ve enjoyed discovering how great running can be for rich conversations. Something about talking while moving and not facing someone can make it easier to get to the heart of things….

Q. What role does running play in your life?

Keeps me feeling alive. A good reminder to be grateful for good health.

Q. What role does RunWithMe play?

It’s the best kind of peer pressure imaginable. It gets my our the door, inspires me to squeeze in an extra half mile or so to see if I can catch up with the next person around the bend.

Q. You’ve organized a couple of races. Who did you create them for and why?

I created my first race as a way to keep up with friends in faraway places (it included folks in Wisconsin, San Francisco, Ann Arbor, Durham, Washington D.C., and Houston.) But, I also created if for myself, knowing that these people might inspire me to build running into my life. It worked! Since then is has expanded to include friends of friends.