Huisman: ‘Running makes me feel connected..’

imageJohn Huisman lives in Raleigh, North Carolina and works on environmental issues affecting the state’s rivers and lakes. During his free time he enjoys running with local run clubs and running a local blog, The Triangle Explorer, that features local culture and events going on in the Triangle. He’s been participating in RunWithMe races since December 2014. 

Q. How far do you run in a week?  

I typically run around 20-25 miles a week.

Q. What’s your longest run?  

My longest run is 26.2! Have run the City of Oaks Marathon twice!

Q. Do you run often with other people or alone?

I love group runs with local run clubs, but I actually enjoy running solo the best. My favorite place to run is by myself along the Neuse River Trail in North Raleigh.

Q. What or who inspires you to run.. even on the hard days?

I’m inspired to run with the goal of exploring new places (while running) and staying in shape.

Q. Do you remember the first moment you felt “like a runner?“

First time I felt like a runner was when I was training for my first marathon and ran a 6 mile training run. It dawned on me that it was the furthest I had ever run up to that point in my life.

Q. How do you measure success as a runner?

I measure success as a runner in terms of not giving up. Whether it means making sure you get out there each week for regular runs or sticking with it in a race to cross the finish lines. The finish time isn’t important. It’s showing up and putting forth your best effort as a runner.

Q. What’s the coolest connection you’ve made because of running?

I’ve enjoyed making lost of great friends by running with local run clubs like the Big Boss Brewery Run Club and the River Run Club in Raleigh.

Q. What role does running play in your life?  

Great way to stay in shape, meet new friends, and explore new parts of the Triangle.

Q. What role does RunWithMe play?  

I’m not a competitive person but participating in RunWithMe virtual races gives me the opportunity for friendly competition among my running friends in the virtual races.

Q. What’s your favorite thing to think about or talk about while running?

I usually think about my surrounding while I run. That is why I enjoy running through the woods and along the river on the Greenway.

Q. And FINALLY, what’s one word that best describes what/how running makes you feel?

Running makes me feel “connected” with my surroundings. It forces you to appreciate the space around you.