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    This race ended 08/08/20 - check out the final activity below.

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    • Luluphi Aug 8, 2020
      0.1 miles
      I've been a bit MIA lately because I am busy working hard for Acadia. Tonight is our big (virtual) event for FOA and I wanted to invite everyone to come. It's fun and it's free and it is all for Acadia. Go to to register and look at auction items and see the program. For the first time in 16 years, I don't care what the weather is doing on the second Saturday in August!
       2nd Longest personal run of this race this month.  Back after 6 days.
      Thank you for all you do for Acadia @Luluphi and for being the honorary coach for #teamfoa ! Will remind people of the first-ever Friends of Acadia virtual auction on Facebook!
    • SarahNN July 7, 2020
      13.2 miles
       Longest personal run.  Passed 3 runners.
      Welcome to the Amazin' Maine Virtual Race and #TeamFOA! You can backdate your miles to April 16 if you would like @SarahNewhallNei - log each day's miles separately and chronologically to maximize the chance of landing on a special Google Street View. And if you would like to refer to a "cheat sheet" of mileage markers and known special views, take a look at the post pinned to the top of the Facebook group page,
    • BetteBoop May 10, 2020
      4.0 miles
      Beautiful afternoon in Tibbets Park!
       9th Longest personal run of this race this month.
      Great to have you on the team! We could win this thing. @BetteBoop
      That is if coach @Fossil doesn't stop logging her miles after she reaches Katahdin tomorrow or the next day - else the #teammml and #teamrobin superteam might start lagging coach @Luluphi 's #teamfoa. But maybe not if @Andeloper continues onto the second lap and has her miles count toward #teamrobin
    • bbarr May 7, 2020
      3.0 miles
      Surprised once again that I was a few minutes faster than I have been. That's feeling good.
       2nd Longest personal streak grows to 22 days at 6.70 miles/day.  Passed 2 runners.
      Mind if I add you to TeamMML @bbarr? You don't have to do anything other than log your miles, I'll be keeping track of team miles on a spreadsheet for the #teammml vs #teamfoa vs #teamrobin virtual challenge
      Go ahead, don't mind if you do@AOMM
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    This race ended 08/08/20 - check out the final activity here.

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    • From: Acadia
    • To: Katahdin
    • Start date: April 16, 2020
    • End date: August 8, 2020
    • 0:00 EST
    • 23:59 EST
    • Route distance: 206.8 miles
    • Total logged: 32,495.2 miles
    Help raise funds for Friends of Acadia and Millinocket Memorial Library! Support a new Robin Emery Prize (named after Maine Running Hall of Famer and virtual racer who goes by the name of @Fossil) to be awarded to a 5th to 12th-grade girl who runs in the Main Street Memorial Mile in Ellsworth!

    Virtually run such real-life race routes as Bridge the Gap in Bucksport, hike Cadillac and Katahdin, and get pop-up photos of some of Maine's iconic lighthouses, sandy beaches, ocean cliffs, or maybe even of the giant L.L. Bean boot in Freeport!

    Start by virtually climbing all 26 peaks of Acadia, and move on to run near some or all of such real-life race routes as Labor Day 5 Miler in Bangor, Bay of Fundy International Marathon in Lubec, Shipyard Maine Coast Marathon in Kennebunk, L.L. Bean 4th of July 10K, TD Beach to Beacon 10K in Cape Elizabeth and Millinocket Marathon. (This virtual race is not officially affiliated with any of the real-life races, but we're including links embedded in red pindrops in the virtual race map to news about any real-life race cancellations or postponements, as a public service during this time of coronavirus.)

    Finish off the 206.8-mile virtual race atop Katahdin, the tallest mountain in Maine and northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail.

    Wherever you are in the world, you can participate virtually by running or walking and logging your miles. Watch your avatar move along on a map from Acadia to Katahdin, jumping from segment to segment.

    You have 115 days, until August 8, to complete the segments. To ensure you cross the finish line and to take into account any mileage rounding issues, be sure to log a few extra tenths of a mile. And if you opted in for special finisher's medal(s), they will be mailed, upon completion of the race. Everyone is a winner, whether you complete all 206.8 miles by the race's end or not.

    Mileage from this race and future races will count toward cumulative totals, allowing you to reach special milestones and recognition. Details to be announced at

    At least 5% of gross proceeds from the race go to help support Acadia National Park via the nonprofit Friends of Acadia, Millinocket via the nonprofit Millinocket Memorial Library and the Robin Emery Prize.

    We've got racers all over the globe! To keep everyone on the same page, we've come up with some handy guidelines:
    • We rely on the honor system... you don't have to use a device to prove your miles -- a good map suffices.

    • Please only backdate mileage to the start of this race.

    • No step counting, please use intentional miles.

    • Only walking or running miles please! (NOTE: miles on a racer’s personal log are for all races they are in, over all sports)

    • Please attribute your mileage to the appropriate day -- don’t combine mileage from multiple days.

    • Miles submitted after the race ends will not count toward race leaderboards.

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