New rankings, awards and search options coming for virtual racers in Racery

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We’re continuing to increase the ways virtual racers can both measure themselves and connect with each other.

First, each racer can now specify his/her age, sex and location on the bio page. Once we’ve got enough of this data, we’ll create division leaderboards and awards based on age and sex. The location information will make it easy for racers locate other Racery members in their locale.  (Again, all this bio data is entirely optional.)

Second, each virtual racer can now add personal affiliations to her/his bio. These tags will help racers understand each other better. Racers can also identify people who work at the same company, went to the same university, use the same brand of shoe or cycle or are training for the same race. Once we’ve got enough data, we’ll create ways to search and sort with these bio tags.