The fun things that virtual race directors don’t need to worry about

We all know that it’s a pain to stage a race. Sometimes there’s freak weather. Sometimes there’s a subway strike. Sometimes there are just lots and lots of things to worry about.

Obviously you need to buy a LOAD of stuff, then make sure it’s positioned for the people who need it. For example, here are a bunch of items provisioned for the 27,487 racers who started this year’s 2016 Boston Marathon:

  • 10,000 trash bags
  • 992 portable toilets
  • 108,000 safety pins
  • 1.4 million paper cups
  • 43,000 apples
  • 500 barf bags
  • 500 tubes of petroleum jelly
  • 10,872 bagels

One of the beautiful things about a virtual race, whether it lasts for a few days or a month — organizers don’t need to worry about trash bags, apples and BARF BAGS! (BTW, 26,639 of those runners finished the race.)