New custom virtual route for the Greenway Alliance

We’ve customized a virtual race to help the East Coast Greenway Alliance include more riders in its upcoming ride from Raleigh, NC to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

45 cyclists will start in Raleigh on October 3 and cover the 327-mile route over the following week.

Donors of $100 or more will get this commemorative patch.
Donors of $100 or more will get this commemorative patch.

We’ve used GPX files to match the exact route, including detours for hotels. Anyone who wants to race along and try to match the riders pace can do so. Thanks to this online challenge, though, cyclists anywhere can participate at their own pace on their own local roads anytime between October 3 and December 3.

The Greenway Alliance is developing a trail system linking many of the major cities of the Eastern Seaboard between Canada and Key West. To date, 30% of the route is realized. By 2030, the East Coast Greenway will connect major US cities on the Atlantic coast with a 3,000-mile greenway/rail trail for non-motorized human transportation.

Anyone donating $30 when registering for this custom virtual race will get a Greenway Alliance membership, and donors of $100 or more will get a commemorative ride patch. 100% of donations, less CC fees, support the East Coast Greenway Alliance. We’ve also mapped out the full virtual Greenway cycling route too — more than 3,000 miles — if that tickles your fancy and ambitions.

[Fill out the linked form if you’d like to discuss your own custom virtual race or challenge, with optional logging and leader boards for donations and volunteer hours.]