A unique peer-to-peer marketing tool to boost memberships

Boost your club memberships by hosting an online running contest where your members are able to invite friends and family to participate. A personal recommendation or trial invite from a friend is the best way to forge a connection with a future member.Racery Virtual Community Memberships

Here’s how an online challenge benefits your club:

Low Effort Marketing: your logo and branding is included on materials that can be shared socially, including digital bibs and award placards. Let the members do all the work, inviting friends and family to join and growing your potential customer base.

 Community Support: Participants get to know one another and motivate each other through likes and comments on daily activity logs, helping onboard less confident individuals, since everyone competes on equal footing.

Promoting Habitual Attendance: Daily run reminders and coaching prompts help encourage a post-work cardio session or a weekend trip to the gym, ensuring that your members keep coming back day to day.

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