Soup up your store’s running program with an online run… in Colorado!

racery-gif-5Using a virtual route and lots of digital souvenirs, Racery can expand your store’s running program into a thriving seven-day-a-week online community.

With zero extra staff hours, your store can use Racery to help runners:

  • easily track running miles
  • get extra motivation
  • explore cool virtual routes — Yellowstone, Paris, you name it!
  • expand socializing each week from a 2-hour run to 168 hours online (84x)!
  • connect with other runners ranging from hardcore to weekend warriors
  • earn branded cyber souvenirs — bibs, awards, postcards
  • receive motivational e-mails

To get started, take your employees or favorite customers on a FREE 7-day virtual run in Colorado, exploring the area’s trails and beautiful landscape!

The virtual runs require no extra effort for your staff. Your customers will love these runs, and the store gets lots of branding opportunities. Racery’s packages for running stores range from $0 – $45 per runner, depending on your store’s specific needs and desired customizations.

Colorado Virtual Run - Deer Mountain

[ To request more information on how Racery can support your area’s runners and help you expand business, send us a quick note! ]