Start a virtual race to cure the work-from-home blues

Convert that new WFM policy into an opportunity for fitness and camaraderie!

As companies adopt WFH policies to reduce Covid-19 transmission, HR departments are launching Racery virtual races to boost staff fitness and camaraderie.

Racery virtual competitions are fun and super flexible:

  • Any exercise (whether running, swimming, rowing, yoga or swing dancing) can convert into miles on the virtual route. 
  • An event can last two weeks or two months—your call!
  • Routes can be anywhere… Paris, Route 66, the moon, or even your company HQ’s home city.
  • Launching a virtual race takes less than a week.
  • Each staffer gets a personalized digital bib and finish placard to print out or share on social media.
  • All skill levels get satisfaction.
  • Anywhere from 10 to 10,000 staff can participate.
  • Individuals, departments and branches can compete with each other.
  • A real-time activity feed and leaderboard alert racers to colleagues’ activities.
  • Racers can like or comment on colleagues’ exercise logs.
  • No gadgets or downloads needed.
  • Racery takes care of all racer questions.

Before launching a WFH virtual race for your entire company, get a few HR colleagues to try a free trial virtual challenge today!

Or read a summary of Racery’s features and fees.