Test your brain with our new secret word game

Love Wordle? Then try Racery’s new secret word game!

Guess a word and SecretWord will rank its proximity to today’s secret word in the articles in a database of 100 billion words as analyzed by Google.

Guess another word. And again! Notice which words score well. Then test your hypothesis about the day’s secret word with new guesses, and you’ll home in on the day’s secret word.

(By the way, 100 billion words… that’s crazy, right?)

Test your skills on a new secret word hunt every day. You can hunt alone, but SecretWord is lots easier if you work with a collaborator, because each of us has blind spots and often gets stuck on one hypothesis.

And playing with a buddy is more fun, since you each see the word associations your partner cooks up!

Some comments from SecretWord hunters:

  • “… an intellectual adrenaline rush!”
  • “It’s fun to see how different my girlfriend’s guesses are.”
  • “Sometimes easy, occasionally hard, always smart and fun.”
  • “Perfect for people who enjoy thesauruses and logic.”
  • “… like 20 questions for linguists.”
  • “… a fun kickoff for team brainstorming!”

The game’s AI reveals all sorts of hidden connections among words, and from day to day, the logic of a hunt may vary a lot. One day, synonyms like “hot,” “warm” and “humid” point straight at the secret word “sizzling,” and you hit the bullseye in 50 guesses!

Other days are harder. After 150 guesses, you finally zero in on a string of closely related words–championship, champion, champs–but then fail to make the leap to the secret word “title.”

Another day, your guesses “love,” “smooch,” “conquer” and “dominate” seem to have nothing in common… until you finally nail the day’s secret word… “crush.”

Beware of confirmation bias, which leads you to steer all your guesses on one trajectory, ignoring other obvious clues about the secret word’s identity.

Head over now and guess today’s secret word!

When you’re done, check out your cool graph of the day’s secret word puzzle.

Don’t forget to read SecretWord’s blog posts about our latest secret word game innovations and theorizing!

The Secret Word game is more fun when you hunt with a partner. Each person sees new trajectories that lead to the day’s secret word.