How do you create a virtual race?

Your racers can run a a timed virtual 5k or run a one month race with inclusive activities.

Whether you anticipate a few dozen participants or thousands, it takes just a few minutes to create a robust virtual race for company morale-building or charity fundraising.

Before diving into creating the race, you should decide:

  1. How long will the race will last? One month works well for most companies. A week or two works best for most charity fundraisers.
  2. Which exercises will count towards miles on the virtual route? While some race organizers restrict participation to only runners or walkers for a virtual 5k, many organizers prefer be more inclusive, allowing multiple exercises (swimming, cycling, rowing, lawn mowing, etc, etc) to convert into miles on the route.
  3. What virtual route your racers will compete on? We’ve got lots of beautiful pre-built routes or you can create a route that perfectly fits your organization’s mission. (Remember, racers can exercise anywhere, the route is virtual!)
  4. Do you want people to compete as members of teams or only as individuals? All our virtual races have individual leader boards so people can track their personal progress. Letting people join teams can add an extra layer of meaning and excitement to big races.

Once you’ve answered these questions, you can quickly test your concept in one of our free virtual race tests. Or dive into creating your actual fundraising virtual race or company virtual challenge! You can also create a virtual 5k! Thanks to improvements we’ve been making since 2014, building a standard virtual race takes less than 60 seconds!

Want more information? See Racery’s summary of virtual race features and fees or write us at team [at] Or watch some of Racery’s videos on Vimeo.