Fundraise with a virtual run art challenge (new!)

Example of zooming in on a virtual run art challenge.

For charities looking to offer its backers a virtual contest that’s both social and physical, we’ve created a new race mode: the run art challenge.

Participants will download Racery’s Android or iPhone app and then track where they walk or run. Our online map will then display each participant’s route. Viewers can either get an overview of where all the charity’s fans worked out, or zoom in to see the specific route covered by one person.

The individual’s route will also be visible in a thumbnail in a post on our activity feed, a reverse chronological order stream of the event’s latest personal fitness actions. We’re betting that some participants will try to create fun patterns with their routes, sparking a contest for creativity. (Participants can record and upload multiple routes too.)

This new run art virtual race mode expands on the concept of GPS art, which first appeared in 2011 and has been covered in publications ranging from Artnet to USA Today