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The #1 Virtual Race Platform

With Racery, launching a virtual race for your business, charity, conference, or chapter takes 45 seconds. 

Racery Virtual Communities - Map Progress

Less effort, no headaches.

Our virtual races are risk-free—our fee gets deducted from each entry.

It takes just a few minutes to launch a dynamic virtual race. Craft a route to match your organization’s mission, customize your race with our easy-to-use dashboards, and generate real-time reports. We coach you on best practices for marketing and p2p fundraising.

Powerful branding.

Premium features include:

  • Automated e-postcards
  • Easy-to-administer coupon codes
  • WYSIWYG splash registration page
  • Pin drops on the route
  • Custom headers and footers on emails
  • Mileage or time-triggered emails
  • Virtual race white labeling
  • More on our features and fees
Virtual race to Nike showrooms

Racers love:

  • Leaderboards and avatars for individuals and/or teams
  • Personalized digital bibs and awards
  • Chatting, uploading photos, or commenting on activity logs
  • Globe-spanning routes passing points of interest 
  • Recognition of personal streaks and records
  • Pre-race mapping of entrants’ locations
  • Access via the web, mobile, or Android/iOS app
  • Swift, courteous responses to questions 
Racery Virtual Races - Rome Colosseum - Street View

Charities and nonprofits value:

  • P2P fundraising for individuals and teams
  • Personalized digital awards for fundraising leaders
  • Creating community for allies spread across the world
  • Extra recognition for corporate partners and sponsors
  • Live reports on donations and registrations
  • Racery’s advice on best practices
Corporate donations can make a big splash in a charity virtual race.