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  • AOMM 18h ago
    Congratulations to @Joelle for completing the 200-mile route, and for keeping that streak going! Just put up a post on the Facebook group post about the accomplishment:
  • AOMM Feb 22
    Just featured photo from @FL2ME in latest post on Facebook group page about the virtual race:
  • AOMM Feb 21
    Guess where in Millinocket @Pecatonicagirl ended up at the end of yesterday's mileage, as she's ripping it? See the latest Facebook group post to find out:
  • AOMM Feb 19
    Just added a post to the Facebook group page, featuring photos from @TomZot and @Lishie marking today as Day #50 of the 2018 Cadillac to Katahdin Virtual Run. Half way to the end on April 10. How many miles have you done since January 1?
  • AOMM Feb 19
    Hey everyone, just realized today is 50th day of 2018, making this halfway to April 10, the end of this virtual race. Will have to post something special on the Facebook group page to mark the occasion. Will share link when it's up. Go #lumberjack and #hipster
  • AOMM Feb 17
    Meet you at Joey's Place - where @Hikingteacher just landed, a perfect place to start school vacation week, and watch the virtual Winter Olympics! See the latest Facebook group page post about this:
  • AOMM Feb 12
    Congratulations to @Joelle for #goingforthegold - see the Down East Magazine article we just shared on the Facebook group page:
  • AOMM Feb 11
    Just featured @Mamaof7Dogs #goingforthegold in the latest Facebook group post:
  • AOMM Feb 10
    Thanks to @TomZot for the Winter Duathlon idea, featured in the latest Facebook group post: About to cross-country ski and either snowshoe or run afterward, as today's back-to-back duathlon event. What's your 2 sports of choice?
  • AOMM Feb 9
    Just posted a new blog post about this race being a virtual Winter Olympics of sorts, in the Facebook group page: Among the racers featured in the blog post: @TomZot @Coastwalker @sndgls @mdijim @Mamaof7Dogs @Lishie @Bradcrazy @MaineMoxie @GO4Acadia and @RangerMo
  • AOMM Jan 27
    Bright idea? Shall we have a competition within a competition? Winter Olympics about to start up, so will try to come up with something fun and announce the rules here and on Facebook. Once I hear back from @TomZot on how his Winter Duathlon works, can try to incorporate some of his ideas in the Virtual Winter Olympics!
  • Lishie Jan 26
    Got bored at work so everyone who logged miles in January just got a bunch of hearts xD Maybe it'll remind @Bradcrazy to come back and log! I know he's still running!
  • AOMM Jan 18
    Did you know that the virtual race route goes by a location featured in a Stephen King movie? See latest Facebook group post about it:
  • AOMM Jan 15
    Just featured @LibertyPenguin in the latest Facebook group post about the virtual race:
  • AOMM Jan 15
    Hey everyone, just noticed racery is now assigning a hashtag and number based on where you finished or your current standings in the first round - #77 runner in my case - and current standings if you're onto the second lap - #47 ultramarathoner as of this writing, in my case. Kind of fun to feel like an ultramarathoner, even if only in virtual reality!
    What are the little award ribbons following some of the placements?
    @bgizzi - think they award those ribbons for doing a streak, based on monthly stats, and updated regularly.
    There's also a different colored ribbon for longest run, per month, updated regularly.
  • Coastwalker Jan 11
    Hi. Why aren't Hipster miles adding up, and why aren't Hipster members so noted when they post new mileage? I see some people labeled at #Lumberjacks, but none as Hipsters.
    Here's where you can see all of team #hipster together: The cumulative miles are since the race began on Aug. 15, but I'll be looking only at Jan. 1 - April 10 miles to judge which team wins. And if anyone is logging their miles, they can also add the hashtag #hipster during the entry, which allows that to be a filter to see who's doing what as part of that team.
  • AOMM Jan 10
    Looks like miles are logging again. See note from Lesley of Racery in the below message post.
  • RangerMo Jan 9
    Anybody else having difficulty logging on and submitting miles today? We haven't seen anyone else's activity since yesterday. Not sure if on our end or
    Just tried to log and got a message stating it was taking longer than usual, and to wait, it would be processed. But, then it cleared, without posting.
    I had the same experience as KD.
    Me too.
    Hmmm, will e-mail racery about the glitch. Thanks for the head's up, everyone!
    Hey everyone! We are currently experiencing issues logging miles within the app. Our IT team is working on a solution! I will update here when all is resolved. :) You may also log miles via desktop in the meantime. -- Lesley
    @RaceryLesley - Thanks Lesley! That explains why some racer's miles were logging, and others weren't. Looks like things working now. Thanks again!
  • AOMM Jan 6
    Just put up some stats comparing team #lumberjack to #hipster on the Facebook group page:
    I just added myself to #lumberjack !
    @LibertyPenguin - welcome to team #lumberjack !
  • AOMM Jan 6
    @Hikingteacher - think you said you count yourself a #lumberjack ? Go to your virtual race bio, and edit the field that says Groups, by adding #lumberjack - then hit SAVE. Medal with buffalo plaid ribbon is optional, but if you want it, can email you. Happy hiking - snowshoveling - hallwalking - whatevering!
  • Grin Jan 4
    @AOMM Count me in for the buffalo plaid ribbon to go with my #hipster hairdo!
    Will email you! @RangerMo and a special friend is about to join us, but not sure which team they will be on.
    Pardon grammatical error - should be "are about to join"!
  • AOMM Jan 4
    Just sent email about the $15 medal with buffalo plaid ribbon to the following: @Mamaof7Dogs @Joelle @Keefa @JillMarie63 @KDW @EclecticKim @Shellperry @FL2ME @Lishie @Coastwalker - if I'm missing anyone, or if you didn't get the email, feel free to tag me, and I can follow up.
    Also just sent email about medal to @bgizzi
    Thank you! Paid and looking forward to my plaid ribbon to add to my collection :)
  • Mamaof7Dogs Jan 3
    @AOMM I didn’t get the email about signing up for the buffalo plaid ribbon race too (because I’m a sucker for plaid plus I love this medal!), can you please email me again with the details of how to sign up for the $15 ongoing-race edition? Thanks!
    Doing emails this morning!
    You're officially in the ongoing race, and just emailed details about the medal with buffalo plaid ribbon.
  • AOMM Jan 3
    See the nice note from Millinocket Memorial Library about the funds this virtual race helped raise, which we just shared on the Facebook group page:
  • AOMM Jan 3
    @Keefa - to reply to your question about whether you have to do 1 mile a day for 100 days, or 200 miles by April 10 - you could do either, or both. Either way, medal is yours after April 10 - if not sooner, depending upon how fast you do your 200 miles!
    @AOMM OK thank you!
  • Coastwalker Jan 3
    Just to be a contrarian, I'll join Team Hipster. What else do I need to do?
    Well since you racewalk before the crack of dawn, why wouldn't you be a contrarian, or a hipster? If you're interested in the buffalo-plaid-beribboned medal, will you email you.
    @AOMM Yes, please send me that email about the buffalo-plaid medal.
    Trying to recruit nieces in Brooklyn, who provided fashion advice on what hipsters wear, to the hipster team as well.
  • Shellperry Jan 3
    @AOMM I have signed up as a lumberjack and would like to be in for the medal! Could you please email me about the medal? Thank you!!
    Hey @Shellperry - can you edit your bio so it's singular #lumberjack (and not plural). You'd be by yourself (even though it's plural) otherwise! Will email you about the medal.
  • Lishie Jan 3
    I'm all in for #lumberjack since it's like I'm the Brawny paper towel person! In for the medal! Not in for the streak but game for another 200 miles or so by 10 Apr.
    OK, will e-mail you about the medal. Forgot about Brawny and the plaid on the packaging - thanks for the reminder! Welcome to team #lumberjack !
    And yes, it is hard to do 100 days in a row, but 200 miles by April 10 seems achievable!
  • FL2ME Jan 3
    #aomm, I'm a wanna be lumberjack! Let me know how to sign up, please 😊
    Go to your bio page here, and edit it by adding #lumberjack to the Groups field: I can email you about the medal if you'd like to get that additional badge of honor.
  • bgizzi Jan 3
    I want to be in on the medal too! Let me know how that works and I will keep trekking.
    I'll email you the details!
    You should also go to your bio page, and add #lumberjack or #hipster to the Groups field - depending upon which team you want to be part of.
    @AOMM and the key part of this is to push “save” that is not in sight as you enter into Group. Third try is a charm!
    I'll be emailing details about the $15 medal too!
  • AOMM Jan 2
    Like that there's a new team, created in some racers' bio page, of #millinocket - since we don't have any hipsters yet - maybe it can be #millinocket and #lumberjack - or #mdi ?
    And yes, you can belong to more than one team. Will tally up team mileage logged between Jan. 1 and April 10, as well as individual mileage, so we can see which team wins, and which virtual racer either streaked or got the 200 miles in in 100 days. But of course everyone is a winner, so even if you don't make the whole 200 miles, you will have the buffalo-plaid medal mailed out after April 10.
  • KDW Jan 2
    how do I join #lumberjack and I would like the $15 medal?
    Joined #lumberjack On my bio page! Thanks
    @AOMM I would like a $15 medal! Thank you
    @KDW- Welcome to #lumberjack team - will e-mail you on the $15 medal!
  • JillMarie63 Jan 2
    @AOMM Just joined the #lumberjack and would like the $15 medal.
    Welcome to #lumberjack - and will e-mail about the $15 medal!
  • Keefa Jan 2
    @AOMM I would like to be on team #lumberjack and would like the $15 medal. Does the 100 streak apply for both indoor and outdoor walk/run?
    Welcome to #lumberjack - will e-mail you about the $15 medal. Believe the 100 Streak applies to both indoor and outdoor, but to be official, you can post the question on the Facebook event page: I was bummed out to find out that cross-country skiing, even though it's done on foot, doesn't count, according to the response I got on the events page. And that was the only mileage I got in on Jan. 1, so I guess I'm not streaking!
    @AOMM. Sorry is the indoor outdoor good for the new Katahdin medal? Thank you and Happy New Year!
    @AOMM One other question. Do we have to do a mile a day or is it just get 200 miles in by April. Thank you
    Oh yes, indoor and outdoor good for the new Katahdin medal too.
  • Joelle Jan 2
    @AOMM I want in on #lumberjack :) I also would like the $15 medal as I have the original.
    Will follow up - and welcome to Team #lumberjack !
  • AOMM Jan 2
    Looks like #lumberjack team is ahead with 4 members so far!
  • AOMM Jan 2
    OK virtual racers, a fun way to keep our new year resolutions, as described in our latest blog post: Pick a team, #hipster or #lumberjack, see your profile page and hashtag your team in the Groups field. You don't have to add on the optional limited edition medal with buffalo plaid ribbon. Just pick a team, #hipster or #lumberjack. Both look good in buffalo plaid. Team that logs most miles between Jan. 1 and April 10 gets virtual bragging rights. Latest blog post also features some of our virtual racers, so read all about it!
    I’d like to sign up for the medal too, but keep going for it as part of this race (not the mile a day streak). The directions said it would be $15 and to tag you in the message board but I’m not sure where exactly to tag you or where/how to sign up. Can you help?
    @Mamaof7Dogs- you just tagged me - so will follow up with e-mail to you. Glad to you see be part of #lumberjack team!
    I haven't seen your email to sign up as part of the continuing race yet. Just in case you sent it and am wondering why I haven't responded. Thanks!
    Also - I didn’t see profile but in the bio page about me i added #lumberjack to the groups line i am in. Is that sufficient or should I put it somewhere else? Thanks!
    You did it right, and are officially in!
  • AOMM Dec 31, 2017
    Just posted the summit photo for @HikeEatNap at the group Facebook page: Great way to end 2017, and stay tuned for news about the virtual race for 2018.
    Happy New Year to all!!
  • AOMM Dec 29, 2017
    Welcome to the latest virtual racer to join our ranks, @Pecatonicagirl ! Will be blogging this weekend about the new twist in this virtual race, to get us all on the road to ever greater fitness in 2018. Will post link to blog post here, as well as on the Facebook group page,
    Happy New Year to everyone!
  • AOMM Dec 29, 2017
    Just featured @LPas in the Facebook group page, as the latest finisher. Who else will finish in 2017? Stay tuned for special announcement this weekend about the virtual race, to mark a great way to start 2018.
  • AOMM Dec 27, 2017
    Latest 2 finishers featured in Facebook group page: @Billie and @CathyMc - congratulations! You helped boost the cumulative mileage over 36,000 so far!
  • AOMM Dec 26, 2017
    Just featured these latest finishers in the Facebook group page: @MaineMoxie @JuliaG @acressey @JBruns4ME and @MichelleS : Stay tuned for news about the virtual race for 2018!
  • MaineMoxie Dec 20, 2017
    I got my medal in the mail today! I was so excited. I have had a very hectic week at work. So this was extra special.
    You earned it! Happy holidays!
  • TomZot Dec 20, 2017
    Registration for #RunMillinocket4 2018 is open!
  • AOMM Dec 20, 2017
    @Bradcrazy just put us over 35,000 cumulative miles for this virtual race - thanks! You are today's featured virtual racer:
  • TomZot Dec 17, 2017
    What is the plan for after the virtual race ends? Start another? Maybe a Strava group?
    Just got an extension on this race to April 10, to coincide with Streak-100, for any Crows here who are signed up for that. Thought that'd be a fun way to start the New Year, and keep the karma from this race going. Anyone who is already signed up here can keep logging miles through then, and any new sign-ups as part of Streak-100 can join in the fun as well. Will be putting out an announcement about that soon. Maybe we can do something using the hashtag function, as I see we have #crow and #crowathletics as 2 separate "teams." That could be a way to get a little friendly competition going, for those who are into that. Have signed up for Streak-100 in the past, but have never been able to run or walk at least 1 mile a day for 100 days.....
  • AOMM Dec 17, 2017
    @Resaw and @acressey are the latest two virtual racers to be featured in the Facebook group page:
  • AOMM Dec 16, 2017
    Welcome to @acressey - she's backdating her miles and all caught up with August. Looking forward to seeing you cross the finish!
  • AOMM Dec 16, 2017
    Welcome to @JBruns4ME - you can backdate miles to Aug. 15, and keep logging until 11:59 PM EST on Jan. 1, 2018.
    Just featured @JBruns4ME in the latest Facebook group post:
  • AOMM Dec 15, 2017
    Virtual thought, and maybe by posting it on this message board, it will become reality: Would like to catch up with @4000footer by this virtual race's end on Jan. 1 - fewer than 9 miles between us - and perhaps ring out the old, and ring in the new on a trail somewhere in Maine....
    Start planning!
    @Grin - good idea - will keep you posted on the plans!
  • AOMM Dec 15, 2017
    Just featured @JenFR and @GuidoX as the 2 most recent finishers, on the Facebook group page:
  • AOMM Dec 14, 2017
    Topic of today's Facebook group post: Why wait until Jan. 1 to start a fitness streak? Get one started today on this virtual race, and keep it going to Jan. 1 and beyond!
  • AOMM Dec 13, 2017
    Just featured real-life superheroes at the Moose Drop In - thanks to @Hdreiske - on the Facebook group page. We crossed 34,000 cumulative miles yesterday on this virtual race. Let's keep logging!
  • AOMM Dec 13, 2017
    Welcome to @nonicknamepleas - looking forward to seeing the miles.
  • AOMM Dec 12, 2017
    Welcome and congratulations to @Hdreiske - thanks for joining in on the virtual complement to the real-life Millinocket Marathon & Half!
    You're finisher #100!
    Oops, #99.
  • MaineMoxie Dec 12, 2017
    Just found out about this virtual race on the Millinocket Marathon Facebook page. That was a fun race! Do hiking miles count as walking miles?
    YES!! Welcome to the race - you have moxie! You can backdate miles to Aug. 15, whether they were running, hiking or walking. And you can keep logging them until Jan. 1. Cadillac to Katahdin medallion is yours, even if you can't finish 200 miles by end of the race. Thanks for joining, and for helping to benefit charity!
    Just welcomed you with a virtual toast of Official Moxie, on the Facebook group page:
    You're finisher #100!
  • AOMM Dec 11, 2017
    Say hello to @Digger - she just joined the virtual race - and just finished, with her Millinocket real-life miles.
    We just welcomed @Digger on the Facebook group page as well:
  • AOMM Dec 10, 2017
    Just put a post on the Facebook group page showing the medals that are packaged and ready to go out to everyone, in time for the holidays.
  • AOMM Dec 10, 2017
    Welcome to @Coachmags - she joined today, and finished today. Way to go! You can backdate miles to Aug. 13, and keep logging them until Jan. 1.
    Pardon typo - backdating to Aug. 15, that is.
  • Coachmags Dec 10, 2017
    Hey everyone! I just found out about this amazing virtual race while I was running the Millinocket Marathon! Looking forward to see how many more miles I can log before January 🏃🏻‍♀️
    If we collectively get to 50,000 miles, there's a $500 donation to the Millinocket library that may get us a plaque on the wall, that says "Cadillac to Katahdin Virtual Runners." We're at more than 32,000 miles now.
  • AOMM Dec 10, 2017
    Welcome to @MainegirlinAZ - thanks for signing up and helping to raise funds for charity! You can backdate miles to Aug. 15, and keep logging until Jan. 1.
  • AOMM Dec 10, 2017
    @AmyGallant , @BenTreat , @goosecove75 , @MaineHeart , @JohnT @BioSue and @Pattie - you're mentioned as the virtual racers who completed by Dec. 9, in the latest Facebook group post - congratulations!
  • goosecove75 Dec 9, 2017
    Good luck to the Millinocket runners today!!
    At 10 a.m. today, am running down to the post office to mail your medal, and the one for @MaineHeart . Can't be in Millinocket today, but at least can send medals to 2 most recent finishers of the virtual edition of the Sea to Summit Series, even if not running at least 13.1 miles! And over the next few days, will be sending the balance of the medals to participants, so you'll have them in time for the holidays. You don't have to wear it until you're finished if you don't want. Remember, everyone can keep logging miles here through Jan. 1. And if we can collectively log 50,000 miles by then, that'll mean a $500 donation to the Millinocket Memorial Library and a plaque on the wall that says "Cadillac to Katahdin Virtual Runner."
  • FL2ME Dec 9, 2017
    Everyone that is participating in the millinocket half or full today--stay safe and have a great race! My hat is off to all you brave (cold!) runners 😳😁❄️
  • AOMM Dec 9, 2017
    @Kimba is the featured finisher today, the same day as the running of the real-life Millinocket Marathon & Half. See the Facebook group entry: Good luck to all the real-life Millinocket racers today! All us virtual racers are cheering for you!! And maybe we'll run a virtual mile along the way with you.
  • AOMM Dec 8, 2017
    It's @3rdxlucky 's lucky day - she's the next featured finisher in the Facebook group page. Congratulations!
  • AOMM Dec 7, 2017
    @ClaireB is the next featured finisher on the Facebook group page - congratulations!
  • AOMM Dec 6, 2017
    The next featured finisher on the Facebook group page is @Jkr - congratulations!
  • Lishie Dec 6, 2017
    Awww, razzlefrats, I'm going to be about 35-40 miles short of completing 2 laps =[ Damn getting sick back in October!!
    Actually, race extended to Jan. 1. That give you enough time to log those extra 35 to 40 miles to complete Second Lap? Hope so!
    @AOMM oh of course! awesome!
  • AOMM Dec 5, 2017
    @Wynnter is the next featured finisher - congratulations!
  • AOMM Dec 4, 2017
    @Mamaof7Dogs is the latest virtual racer to join - only this past weekend - and she's already finished, as a result of backdating her miles to Aug. 15. Congratulations! Medal is on its way. See her photo gallery featured in the Facebook group page, including Ugly Sweater Run with Bella, Canada Army Run and Boston Marathon, among other races:
    Watch for her in Millinocket!
    Clarification: Make that the Jimmy Fund Boston Marathon Walk that was part of the virtual journey.
  • AOMM Dec 3, 2017
    Congratulations to @sk8skiier - you're our next featured finisher in the Facebook group page:
  • AOMM Dec 2, 2017
    Hey everyone, say hello go @Mamaof7Dogs - she just joined the virtual race, backdated all her miles to Aug. 15, and is already well onto her Second Lap. We'll be sending out your Cadillac to Katahdin Medal, and featuring you in our Facebook group page too. Good luck in Millinocket!! Keep logging the miles here, because that will mean more funds for the Millinocket Memorial Library!
  • AOMM Dec 2, 2017
    @DSea is the next finisher to be featured in the Facebook group page - congratulations!
  • AOMM Dec 1, 2017
    Congratulations to @Mermazing - you're the latest finisher to be featured in the Facebook group page:
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  • Start date: August 15, 2017
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