Racery Virtual Racer Profile: Susan Brewer – Her true love is 50 miles.

imageSusan Brewer is a true native Californian!! She travels all over the world, but will always remain living in California with her husband of 26.5 years. She is a self-employed inside/outsides sales representative with an intense love her ultras – her true love is 50 miles!!! Susan has been using Racery, virtually continuing her travels across the world, since November 2014. 

Q. How far do you run in a week?  

60-65 miles a week

Q. What’s your longest run?

20-22 if training for a marathon. If Training for an ultra, 30.

Q.Do you have any dream races or dream runs you aim to complete someday?  

The Dopey Challenge,  Skyline 50k. Maui Marathon

Q.What or who inspires you to run.. even on the hard days?

My running mates…ALWAYS!!!

Q. Do you remember the first moment you felt “like a runner?“

After my first marathon!!!

Q. How do you measure success as a runner?

Staying healthy!!

Q. What’s the coolest connection you’ve made because of running? 

I have made some of the dearest friendships to last a lifetime.

Q. What role does running play in your life?

Social, networking, adventures life-long friendships!! Health!!! FUN!!! FUN!!  NATURE!!!

Q. What role does Racery play?

So exciting to be with such an inspiring group of gals. All from different walks of life.  Part of an adventure. Whatever I can add is wonderful!!

Q.  And finally, what’s one word that best describes what/how running makes you feel?

If I must pick just one word….REWARDING!!!