Should we do a virtual running race for Pokemon Go fans?

Racers have been asking about how they can incorporate Pokemon into their virtual races.

We’re trying to figure out whether we should formally facilitate this with a Pokemon specific race… should we?

Virtual racer pauses to grab Pokemon Ratata
Virtual racer pauses to grab Pokemon Ratata

After all, the Pokemon world virtually maps to some interesting real geography… in places as diffuse as Japan, France and Pheonix Arizona (!?).  It would be fun to fold a map of these real world locations back over the Pokemon virtual world.

There’s definitely a trend. Entire Reddit threads already look at the pros and cons of various running strategies for hatching Pokemon eggs. A Runner’s World editor caught 11 monsters on a four mile run and the magazine offers advice about which of its training plans are best suited to hatching eggs.

Might even be fun to sync up Pokemon Go to a virtual Tour de France race.