Registering for a virtual race is super easy!

Whether you’re entering one of our virtual running races or a virtual cycling challenge or just logging miles in a virtual route with your family, there’s nothing easier.

First a video. Then, for those who love lists… step by step instructions.

Listing the steps makes this seems harder than it is… but for those who love lists, here’s what you do to enter one of our free monthly races:

  1. Click the ‘racer’ tab and enter your e-mail address
  2. Open the e-mail Racery sends you
  3. You’re now in the race!

If you’re entering one of our custom paid virtual races, there’s just one extra step in there, which is  a quick visit to Paypal.

When the race’s first day comes, you’ll log miles by either visiting the race URL and clicking ‘log activity’ or respond to the e-mail we send you.