Want to cycle in a race on a virtual Tour de France route?

Watching the 2016 Tour de France and hankering for your own virtual challenge?  You can relive the exact route of the Tour de France using a Racery custom virtual cycling race.

Paris street view in virtual Tour de France
Paris street view in virtual Tour de France

No $1500 plane tickets or shuttle buses required — cycle the distance on your own time while biking  your favorite training route.

Log your daily training miles using our virtual race app​, e-mail or a web form, then enjoy 360-Google Street Views of your location in the virtual race.

Stay motivated by inviting 20 of your friends to your own virtual Tour de France, or get a real competition going with 500 cycling colleagues broken into teams. Send us a quick note for more details!

Street view from virtual Tour de France
Google street view of Mont Saint Michel from our virtual Tour de France cycling race

If you want to try a virtual race for free, try one of our monthly public virtual races for cycling, running, walking, swimming or rowing.

Who knows, you might even spot some Pokemon eggs along the way.