Blueprint for a virtual race with a scavenger hunt

We’ve got virtual scavenger hunts on the drawing board. This functionality would allow racers to compete with their group in spotting various items on runs — a badger, a Maserati, a Japanese flag — during the course of a multi-week virtual race.

It would be up to the group to designate the items in the list.  Here’s a fun story about the first scavenger hunt, apparently staged in 1933 at the Waldorf Astoria hotel.

If technical glitches haven’t always made it easy for New Yorkers to capture little Pokémon monsters, try rounding up a live monkey in Manhattan. That was one item on the list at the Waldorf event, where “a favored diversion of cosmopolitan society in Europe,” the account in The Times said, “had its New York premiere on a vast scale.” Other items included a “live goat (non-political), a red lantern, the most beautiful woman in New York (not present at the party), the future Mayor of New York City or his signature, dated last night,” the aforesaid live monkey, “the initialed handkerchief of New York’s most charming and honest banker, a shoe of Jimmy Durante, the wittiest, funniest or most amusing man in New York (who was not participating in the hunt) and the right man on Park Avenue with a card,” whatever that meant.

The hunt could be another challenge bolted in to our custom virtual races or might be included in one of the free public virtual challenge we host every month.

Got ideas about how you’d like to see this feature implemented? Let us know!