Bike around the world from home while challenging your friends to an online competition!

In a recent Harvard Health article, Dr. Clare Safran-Norton, a physical therapist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, reminded us that cycling is a perfect aerobic activity no matter your age because “itracery-virtual-races-map-progress-fb’s fun [and] socially oriented.

But getting a solid cycling group together in your area could pose a challenge because everyone’s geographic location, schedule and general life events need to be taken into account when planning biking trips.

Enter Racery’s virtual cycling races – our online racing platform that allows runners, cyclists, swimmers and rowers to stay in touch with and compete with one another without physically being in the same location.

Each day, Racery automatically plots everyone’s daily cycling miles on a digital map, while keeping track of individual streaks, achievements and weekly averages.

Cyclists are able to give each other high-fives (or Racery “likes”), celebrate goal achievements and organize next group outing through the race messageboard and activity log.

Best of all, on races that are 360-degree Google Street View-enabled, cyclists can virtually tour exciting tourist locations and world wonders by seeing the street view of his or her current physical location each time miles are logged!

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