First volunteer hours logged in Habitat’s virtual challenge for UNC students

This morning Orange County Habitat for Humanity launched its next big project, erecting 10 new homes in collaboration with the University of North Carolina over the coming year.

A crowd gathered on Craig Street in Chapel Hill to raise the wall on one of the new homes. By happy coincidence, the event also marked the wall-raising for a new Racery feature: volunteer hour logging.

UNC students do a lot of the hammering and sawing for Habitat, and this new feature allows participants to log those hours in Heels for Homes, a custom virtual race we created for Orange Habitat. The race already includes our standard features, allowing students to compete by running or walking miles and/r raising money for Habitat.

The Heels for Homes challenge just started this morning, and it’s already got more than 100 racers from 30 teams representing dorms, sports teams, sororities, fraternities, houses and departments. (The sorority TriDelt is rocking all with two full teams.)

You can see that growing list by scrolling down here.

Below you can see UNC Habitat chair Alex Mitchel helping haul up the first wall on Craig Street. And below that you can see how Alex’s work shows up in the virtual challenge’s activity log, slotted in to the real-time stream of new mileage and donation submissions.

First Volunteer Hours Heels for Homes Virtual Tourney powered by Racery Recent Activity  11 today

Here’s more information about the race. Habitat virtual race launch. An article in the Daily Tarheel. And even more on the Habitat virtual race.