#NewYearNewHashtags — Racery introduces #hashtags

Why do we use hashtags? Well, if we’re being honest with ourselves there are a BUNCH of reasons — from hinting sarcasm (#sorrynotsorry), to keeping up with the news (#Brexit), to making the best out of a situation (#wokeuplikethis).  Hashtags help us filter through an endless stream of digital information and highlight posts we’re truly interested in!Hashtags Racery GiF

So now it’s time for #Racerytags! When you log miles, you can identify yourself and your running style and connect with with others as awesome as you. Use the same hashtag as your peers and quickly find everyone in your run club or company or who started spring marathon training.

Do you #RunOnBeer? Are you team #nike or #saucony? Are you a #trailhead or was it a #weekendrun? Are you #marathontraining or working on your first #c25k? Do you love #mudruns or #pubruns?

Hashtag your shoe brand of choice, your group,  your favorite after run craft brew — whatever brings you joy — and start connecting with other people in your race!

Yes it’s 2017. 2016 is behind us and it’s very likely you’ve experienced the #….Whether it’s on your friend’s Instagram selfie (#nofilter, #wokeuplikethis) or on your Twitter feed (#thanksobama) — okay, no more politics…we’ve been through enough of that.  

Happy 2017 and happy #hashtagging  (meta much?)