Turn your charity’s virtual 5k into a monthlong fund raising extravaganza

We get lots of calls from charities looking to do a virtual version of their annual 5k, a virtual event that lets folks who are out of town get in on the fun.

We’ve got a much bigger, more powerful idea: add a monthlong virtual training run that leads up to that ‘real world’ 5k.

This virtual race — it could be 26.2 miles or maybe even100 miles — will give everyone a chance to get to know each other, plus create plenty of online opportunities to talk about your cause and its 5k.

Maybe the virtual route tours restaurants or churches in your town… or heads to the beach and back… or visits homeless shelters… Anything will do that connects emotionally with your charity’s stake-holders.

Instead of teeshirts or medals, your participants will get virtual bibs and digital finish placards — all bearing your charity’s name and logo — stuff that’s ideal for sharing online.

Best of all, individuals or teams can compete to raise money over the course of the virtual event… an entire month of fundraising!

Here are a couple of examples of ways that charities like Powered-to-Move and the Trevor Project benefited from a virtual race and fundraising challenge.