Virtual fitness challenge powered by Amazon’s Alexa

With virtual races becoming increasingly mainstream, we’ve decided it’s time to experiment with porting some of Racery’s virtual racing fun over to Alexa. Click the video below for a quick preview!

Now companies can inspire fitness motivation by allowing staff to use Alexa to both verbally log miles and get a voice report on their own progress and that of other racers.

The simplicity is stunning!

Our goal is to test whether Alexa’s immediacy and simplicity can measure up to the motivational power of Racery’s full featured virtual races.

We know that Racery’s technology — customized virtual routes, 360-degree Google Street Views, avatars, bots, leaderboards, reminder emails — definitely keep people moving. But maybe a bare-bones combination of interaction, accountability and social context, matched with ease of use, can generate some of the same kick? We’ll see.

For context, here are some good articles about various games and virtual fitness coaches that are available in Alexa,  here are a couple of good articles.

If you’d like to join a beta test of one of these races, please write team @ racery dot com!