Work-from-home tips to share with colleagues

To some, working from home sounds like a dream. For others, it’s a nightmare.

Sure, there’s no commute and business-casual suddenly feels like dressing up. But these luxuries come at the very real expense of no in-person brainstorming and socializing, which are half the fun of a healthy workplace.

Our company started WFH five years ago. We started with WFH Wednesday afternoons. That evolved to WFH most days, with get-togethers every week or two in rotating coworking spaces.

Based on this experience, we’re passing along some of our own company’s well tested best practices, as well as a few genius insights we’ve noticed around the Internet.

Advice specific to work

  • Schedule weekly team catch-ups via video whether or not you’ve got an agenda. Lots of unplanned but important items will come up. (We use Google Hangouts, but it seems lots of folks recommend Zoom.)
  • Make sure each team member gets to talk.
  • Include 10 minutes of socializing at the beginning. This seems like a waste, but helps people stay connected and makes the “business” part of the meeting flow better. More video conferencing tips here.
  • Download a tool like Freedom to help tune out distractions.

Advice for general health and happiness

  • Share a Spotify playlist.
  • Get outside and exercise every day—beyond boosting creativity and reducing anxiety, there’s lots of evidence that vitamin D (sunshine!) and exercise build immunity. (BTW, what we provide, virtual races, are a good way to combine socializing and fitness motivation.)
  • If you’re sober, remember online meetings. Here’s a resource. (New evidence AA works.)
  • Join an online reading group.
  • Make a virtual visit to a few of the world’s most beautiful museums!
  • Helping others in need. On Twitter, Johnny Green suggested posting this flyer in apartment buildings and other places:
  • Here’s a great Twitter thread of WFH advice from novelist Natasha Ngan, who spends long periods isolated at home because of health issues.
  • Trying to keep the kiddos busy and growing healthily? Check out this awesome Instagram post.