Motivate virtual racers with beautiful personalized digital bling

Racery’s virtual races motivate racers with lots of types of digital bling. Some racers print their personalized bibs or awards to display on an office wall or refrigerator, others share their digital versions on social media.

The bling examples below show what every racer gets in standard Racery events. The examples marked $$ feature custom sponsor branding and are part of premium sponsor packages.

Registration page

Registering for a race takes just seconds. The only difference between these two registration forms is the amount of branding and flexibility available to the race sponsor. In contrast, the premium “splash” form has space for graphics, videos, maps and examples of bling.

Premium branding ($$)

Virtual race bib examples

After signing up for a virtual race, every Racery participant receives a personalized digital bib that’s optimized for sharing on Facebook, Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc.


Premium branding ($$)

Virtual race finish awards

After completing a Racery event, every racer receives a personalized digital finish award that’s optimized for display on Instagram. Depending on the race, awards are also given for fundraising and/or team achievements.


Premium branding ($$)
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Announcement pennant

An announcement pennant appears automatically when a race’s URL is shared on Facebook, Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc.


Premium branding ($$)

Digital milestone stickers

After setting a new personal record for specific memorable distances, each racer receives a digital sticker.

Pin drops ($$)

Pin drops are used to mark important points on the race route, whether sponsor locations, branch offices or landmarks. Each pin drop can include a photo, linkable text and a sponsor logo.

Postcards ($$)

When passing a sponsor-specified mile marker on the route, an individual or team can receive a digital postcard that helps flesh out the race’s story. Like Racery’s bibs, these postcards are optimized for sharing on Facebook, Slack, Teams, etc.

What’s next?

Want to see for yourself? Create a virtual race test for free to see how Racery’s digital bling adds excitement to your racers’ experience.