Let’s borrow some fun Apple Watch conversions!

We thought Racery had mastered the science of converting activities into miles on a virtual route, with some race sponsors enabling conversions for everything from housework to reading to kids to volunteering.

Then we saw “Lesser Known Apple Watch Workouts,” which includes exercises like:

  • Outrunning a swarm of bees
  • Carrying all the groceries on a single trip
  • Dodgeball

So… if you’re hosting a Racery event and want to add these to your virtual race’s activity conversions, we suggest the following conversions:

  • a minute of “outrunning a swarm of bees” is worth .4 miles
  • one instance of “carrying the groceries in a single trip” is worth .2 miles
  • being the last survivor in a game of dodgeball is worth 3 miles
  • being first out in a game of dodgeball is worth just 0.01 miles