Ten ways to get the most out of your virtual race on Racery

So, maybe you’ve been using Racery for a while. Maybe you’re a total newb. Either way we bet there are some Racery features that you have no idea exist….and this means you are missing some FUN!

NO WORRIES, we’re here to enlighten you….

1. We have an app!!! Actually…we have two apps. A Racery Virtual Races app for iPhone and one for Android. Go download the app that fits your smartphone needs for optimal mileage logging and race perusing.

2. Log your miles directly on the race page via web or app to see awesome Google Street Views of your virtual location, submit photos, and immediately get rewarded with your personal achievements!

3. Add a hashtag or three when you log miles!! This #awesome little feature allows for easy filtering of mileage logs within a race to see patterns in your own mileage, connect with other likeminded people, and #discover new information!! Tag your favorite routes, weather conditions, goals, even the area you run in. When you enter the “#” our software even automatically suggests popular hashtags!

4.Tag people by adding an @nickname to a comment, whether you’re running with them in real life or passing on the virtual route — and they’ll get a notification!

5. Add a photo — your shoes, buddies, a bloody knee — when you log miles. This will entertain (inspire? gross out?) other runners, and also be fun to look at six months from now in your personal log on your bio page.

6. Speaking of which, did you even know you’ve got a bio page with a complete record of your history, both in your current race and previous? You can find it by clicking on “my bio” in the navigation at the top right of your race page when you’re logged in! Or just add your bio after www.racery.com/____ and you’re  there!

7. Now that you know that it exists….FILL OUT YOUR BIO PEOPLE! You can upload a bio photo (this will personalize your avatar on the map), age, location, affiliations, groups and more!! Complete yours and visit others to get to know other participants.


8. Share your awards, bib and postcards— our digital souvenirs are optimized for sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram — let your friends know what you’re doing and maybe they’ll be inspired to get out hustling too!

9. Use the messageboard for good, not evil. (Okay, maybe sometimes evil…) Share routes, healthy tips, race ideas, recipes, meetup information, funny anecdotes, or ask questions. Talking to someone in particular? Tag them in your message so they get a nifty little notification.

10. Add a bookmark on your Android phone’s home page. Here’s how. It’s easy and makes logging miles lots easier if you’re not an app person.

These are just a few of our favorite Racery things. Have your own favorite Racery gem? We’d love to hear from you!! Give us a shout at team@racery.com!!