Use hashtags to track your runs, swims, rides (and whatever else!)

Example of how hashtags help sort exercise in a personal log.

I’ve been enjoying watching the hashtags that runners are using in our March virtual race across Ireland, things like #sidewalk and #carolinanorth.

Now, our newest code update means each of us will be able use hashtags to track our own habits. For example, the hashtags I use in any virtual challenge will be accumulating on my own bio page,

A year from now I’ll be able to look back and, with a quick click, get snapshots of which routes I’ve enjoyed, how much rain I’ve absorbed, how many pollen days I’ve plowed through. I can also see a daily diary of things I’m grateful for while running.

Try adding hashtags when you log miles — running style, mood, location, weather conditions, shoes — anything you’d like to track. In your current challenge you’ll inform and inspire like-minded people, and over the course of time the accumulating tags will illustrate your own health habits.