Convert your company’s next step challenge into a race on a virtual route

Lots of companies boost employee fitness by encouraging staffers to log steps on a common spreadsheet for a month or two, then giving out a prize to the person with the most steps.

The goal is to get employees to take 10,000 or more steps a day, a fitness level which many researchers say confers health benefits.

With just a few clicks, that step challenge can teleport over to Racery’s virtual racing platform, adding a universe of new dimensions to motivate and amuse employees. These include:

  • watching racers or teams move on a virtual route with avatar positions updating each time new mileage is logged
  • cheering as leader boards update in real time
  • earning digital bibs and awards that can be shared on social media or printed for the office bulletin board
  • seeing Google Street Views of updated personal or team locations on the route
  • making it possible for other athletes — swimmers, rowers, wheelchair spinners — to join the fun

Digital bib for a virtual race

Lots of other features make a virtual race exciting and effective. For  ideas, check out some of our sample virtual races, create your own virtual race on a custom route, or get our help creating a race that’s based on your company or group’s unique mission.

Footnote: Apparently the original idea for a step challenge emerged in 1965, when a Japanese watch-maker invented a pedometer called the Manpo-kei. According to a blog in Japan, the fitness gadget “was marketed in 1965 under the slogan ‘Let’s all walk 10,000 steps a day!’ In Japanese Man means 10,000Po means Steps and Kei means Measure – and so the device became the Manpo-kei. This simple motivational gadget became so popular that the trade-name fixed itself in the Japanese lexicon to the extent that today, although the accurate Japanese word for a pedometer is 歩数計 or hosuukei, like Hoover and Jacuzzi the brand has become synonymous with the product.”