What’s Racery

We surveyed some of you, and 140 of you responded! We asked you how you  would describe RunWithMe and we loved your responses so much, we made a word cloud out of them!!! Top words? Virtual, Fun, Motivating (motivation, motivator!)



Racery looking for a Virtual Race Manager

Do you love helping people accomplish great things? We’re hiring a customer service people to help racers in Racery, a website where runners use real miles to compete in virtual long-distance races. To succeed, you’ll need: great communication skills a huge desire to see our racers and sponsors succeed a …

Murakami writes about running (and vice versa)

Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami started running because he hoped to become healthy and write novels long term.Murakami managed a jazz club in Tokyo and smoked sixty cigarettes a day. “If I wanted to have a long life as a novelist, I needed to find a way to keep fit and …