What a difference a (good) night makes

After a string of unproductive, disjointed days, I had an incredibly fun and productive morning. I filled a notebook page with to-dos and ideas — something that can sometimes take me a week. I reread key chapters in a favorite business book. And running in 55 degrees and a steady rain, I pushed what started out to be a 4 mile slog into a 10 mile romp, going 2.5 minutes faster in the second half.

The obvious cause of all this calmness and productivity was an amazing night’s sleep. I felt great when I woke up and checking Fitbit, got confirmation. Fitbit guestimates that I got 2 to 3 times as much REM and deep sleep last night versus recent nights.

Which begs the question — what caused the awesome sleep? Lots of elements from yesterday might have contributed. Six .73 mile intervals at Oconeechee Speedway. BBQ at Allen and Son. Midday beers with the Station Pub Runners. A doze in the sun. A failed search for a study of physicians’ investment acumen. A phone conversation about Moore’s Utopia, including a Ouija board metaphor that kept recurring today. Watching The Americans, which always triggers, in me at least, a potent mix of nostalgia and prognosticaion. An ad-libbed risotto with asparagus, garlic and salami. Listening to Natalie Merchant and recalling friends who’d raved about her. Sleeping with a window open to the cool breeze and rain-splashing tires.

Some day a combination of AI and data-from-wearables may reveal the secret formula to great sleep and creative fireworks. (Maybe that will be boring?) For now, I’ll just enjoy the ride.