How can a charity use a virtual race to fundraise and boost awareness?

For charities seeking to stage a fundraising event with maximum results and minimal investment of time and money, Racery’s month-long virtual races create an unrivaled opportunity.

Racery provides a turnkey platform that inspires P2P fundraising, boosts public awareness, creates a gusher of shareable social media content, and involves stakeholders of across demographics — all with none of the costs and hassles of a physical event.

Best of all, 100% of all donations go directly to the charity!

Why fundraise using Racery’s virtual races?

  • use Racery’s turnkey race, social media schedule and content templates to avoid the hundreds of staff hours, headaches, risks and upfront costs entailed by a conventional charity event
  • provide a unique opportunity for a charity to engage with stakeholders
  • create a new hook for raising money from a charity’s traditional donor base
  • drive new peer-to-peer fundraising by helping individual athletes invite friends, family, and colleagues using Racery’s “back a racer” functionality
  • trigger a steady flow of content-rich nuggets that race participants and donors can share on social media
  • engage with an inclusive participant pool versus conventional races:
    • no registration fee means that athletes from any income level can race
    • all ages and skill levels can participate, since miles are earned by walking, running or wheelchairing (additional modes possible too!)
    • no special apps, passwords, or gadgets required


  • simply by replying to a daily e-mail or using a web form, racers log mileage that translates into progress on the virtual route
  • racers can solicit donations on both a group page and their own personal donation pagesVirtual charity race placard
  • when each racer passes a specific location, the racer receives an e-mail with details about a child living there
  • racers can cheer each other’s progress with comments and likes
  • avatars for MF and Racery can also cheer on racers and donors in the mileage and donation feeds
  • racers get commended for streaks, personal bests, and overtaking other racers

Racery provides:

  • a social media and e-mail marketing content strategy the the charity can leverage to recruit racers and help them, in turn, enlist donors
  • a custom virtual route passing through locations where charity partners or beneficiaries live or work
  • virtual location-triggered emails to racers
  • excitement-stoking leaderboards (for racers and, potentially, teams) for mileage and fund-raising
  • email templates for various race announcements
  • functionality for comments, photos, likes, bios
  • optional teams to further boost competition and engagement
  • a digital race announcement placard each racer can share in social media
  • a digital completion award for each racer


Racers pay an entry fee that covers Racery’s services including consulting, racer support, route creation, email customization, and placard design.

The charity receives 100% of the funds raised through the donation functionality – minus PayPals credit card fees. Paypal will issue to each donor a receipt for the full donation in the charity’s name.

[Want to stage your own fundraising virtual race event? Tap into our expertise by submitting a custom race request.]